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9/26-10/2 Horoscopes

Emma Day, Reporter

September 26

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Aquarius   January 20 - February 18 Change and adventure are the keywords for this week, Aquarius. The Sun and Jupiter are lining up and for your sign that only means to take chances with your routines. Monday is the day of...

Germs in your world

Hannah Fandel, Features Editor

March 11

Filed under Features

Imagine, you’re about to eat the last square of your Hershey’s bar you've been craving to eat for days. As you lift it into your mouth, it slips from your hands and onto the floor. Do you pick it up and eat it regardles...

Movie Madness

Corralle Whalen, Reporter

March 11

Filed under Features

Where to go to rent and save money? •Redbox: $1.28 per night Pro- It’s cheap Con- They won’t always have what you want •Family Video: $2-3 for two nights Pro- Can keep longer than other places Con- Must have a membership, and yes it’s free to sign u...