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Beak ‘n’ Eye summer journalism camp sponsorships

Do you want good news? Invest in the future of journalism by sponsoring a newspaper staff member.

If the journalism program at Davenport West, particularly the student-run newspaper the “Beak ‘n’ Eye” made a difference in your life, or if you would like to make a difference in the life of someone currently on the newspaper staff, then sponsoring a newspaper staff member(s) is your chance to make that difference.

The goal for the 2019 summer is to send a few staffers to the Media Now! summer journalism camp at Drake University. Thanks to some very generous and supportive sponsors last summer, we were able to send current editor-in-chief Kate Kealey and reporter Tori Dierikx! Their work has been next level because of their experience here.

Interested in sponsoring newspaper students this summer? Email adviser Alissa Hansen at [email protected] We are planning to make this an annual sponsorship program.

Graphic made by Aiden Rushing and Emma Day with Canva.com.


2018 Journalism Camp Recipients

Editor-in-chief Kate Kealey

Reporter Tori Dierikx


2018 Sponsorship Donor Honor Roll

Thanks to all those that have donated to the sponsorship program. This summer alone sponsors have given $940 worth of donations to deserving newspaper students to attend a prestigious summer journalism camp in order to rethink and revamp their publications. These students now have the opportunity to improve some of their individual skill sets, from writing, photography, and design, that will help them the following school year and inevitably in whatever path they pursue after high school.


Gold Sponsor:

Lisa Wilcox

Published with permission by Lisa Wilcox
Lisa Wilcox graduated from West High School in 1975. She was managing editor of the “Beak ‘n’ Eye” her senior year, and news editor her junior year.

Lisa Wilcox is an engineer at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, working as a Technical Project Manager on U.S. Air Force programs.
On the importance of scholastic journalism:
“Journalism is key to having informed citizens. Some in the public eye want to characterize journalists as the bad guys, and we need to continue to combat that image. Providing an opportunity for students to develop the skills to use the latest and greatest media outlets effectively will encourage those talented young people to continually refine their skills.  Good, ethical reporting, in any media, can be a powerful force for change.







Silver Sponsors: 

Pam and Matthew Clemens


Bronze Sponsors:

Steve Lyle

Marcia Jensen

Jan Touney

Lucinda Resnick

Deb Brasier

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Beak ‘n’ Eye summer journalism camp sponsorships