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This image is a realistic interpretation of a black hole bending the fabric of spacetime.

The world could end tomorrow…

Cameron Wilson, Reporter May 10, 2019

  People are selfish; it’s a part of who we are. Naturally humans will worry about problems in their lives that affect how they operate and how they appear to others. This can and usually does...

Young adults in this country should realize that its a civic duty to do everything that they can in order to make the country the best place possible for all types of people. In order to do this, everyone needs to elect officials that represent the change they want to see in the nation. Youth may only comprise 25 percent of the nation’s population, but they are 100 percent of the future.

Coalition of young voters

Zak Keel, Reporter November 6, 2018

Polls will open up today, Nov. 6, for the 2018 midterm elections as Americans across the nation will partake in state and local races that will soon influence the second half of President Donald Trump’s...

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Anxiety: you’re probably doing it wrong

Dani Reitz, Voice Editor November 5, 2018

I've seen and heard the word almost everywhere I go. Anxiety. With mental health awareness becoming increasingly emphasized in our modern society, the topic has found its way into countless conversations,...

The West varsity football game against Clinton was cut short when head football coach, Justin Peters, called the game in the fourth quarter.

Friday night fights

Tori Dierikx, Reporter September 6, 2018

Football is a heavy contact sport, but sometimes that contact can go too far. On Friday, Aug. 31, the Falcon football team got a first hand glimpse at what “too far” means when they versed the Clinton...

Just a friendly reminder: Grown men hitting on underaged girls is not okay

Just a friendly reminder: Grown men hitting on underaged girls is not okay

Emma Day, Social Media Manager April 10, 2018

Sunday nights at the gas station where I work are filled with long hours that seemingly drag on like a drama in a soap opera. In between the very few customers, I like to ogle the food we have on display,...

On Mar. 14, schools across the nation took part in a walkout aimed to end gun violence.

Letter to the Editor: Why I chose not to walk out

Aunna Romero, West Student March 26, 2018

On Wednesday Mar. 14, I sat in class as seven of my classmates walked out of the building. As a school, West organizers aimed to keep our walkout as a bipartisan, all-inclusive event, which I applaud them...

On Mar. 14, schools across the nation took part in a walkout aimed to end gun violence.

Adults walk over the walkout

Kate Kealey, Editor in Chief March 18, 2018

On Wednesday Mar. 14, nine students, including myself, arranged a walkout against school violence on West’s band field.  We met for a total of 20 hours within the five days before the walk out, making...

West High School sits on the corner of Fairmount and Locust Street in Davenport, Iowa.

Hop off the anti-West band wagon

Hannah Andrews, Reporter March 16, 2018

West is not a bad school. However, it seems like everyone who doesn’t attend West has a contradictory opinion. The negative things seen on social media or heard on the news do not define who we are...

Good-bye P.E.?

Good-bye P.E.?

Martin Morales, Reporter March 16, 2018

In early February, the Iowa Senate was introduced to a bill that would no longer have P.E. in schools as a required class. Students would have to do some kind of physical activity, of course. But it would...

Alternatives to arming teachers

Alternatives to arming teachers

Michael Davis, Features Editor March 9, 2018

After the recent Parkland school shooting, discussions across America and on social media on how to keep schools safe have been thrust into the spotlight. Some ideas, such as arming teachers with guns,...

Logic brings awareness to suicide hotline

Logic brings awareness to suicide hotline

Georgia Witt, Reporter October 7, 2017

On April 28, 2017, Logic released an inspirational song titled “1-800-273-8255”. This was the third song off of his studio album Everybody. He wrote it to bring awareness to not only the hotline, but...

Protestors show their opinion on hate speech at the Quad Cities No Hate rally.

Hate speech shouldn’t be free speech

Kate Kealey, Editor in Chief August 30, 2017

The First Amendment is the right to free speech. However due to recent activity, this amendment is being challenged. On Aug. 12, 2017 a riot broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia that started a large...

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