Hop off the anti-West band wagon


Martin Morales

West High School sits on the corner of Fairmount and Locust Street in Davenport, Iowa.

Hannah Andrews, Reporter

West is not a bad school. However, it seems like everyone who doesn’t attend West has a contradictory opinion.

The negative things seen on social media or heard on the news do not define who we are at West, nor should it reflect what West is capable of.

From the Jan. 28 “Quad-City Times” editorial about the Davenport district’s suspensions being the “punishment de jour,” to the Mar. 7 news brief from KWQC about “multiple squad cars” responding to West due to a fight, it is not surprising that West’s reputation has been tarnished. And, if one were to read the comments on the articles, one would be appalled by the name calling, finger pointing and ridicule.

Consistent, negative media does not help.

“Social media has a large effect on the word getting around so quickly,” associate principal Guy Heller said.

Now, it is true that West has their fights, but so does every other school.

I transferred to West from North Scott, and I have seen an equal amount of fights happen at both schools. Even though North Scott has approximately 600 less students than West, I still saw the same things there that I do here at West.

“West has a lot to offer,” senior Jordyn Driscoll said. “I’m in Falcon Friends that has helped me realize I wanted to be a special education teacher.”

West has so many different opportunities including: STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs, the INSPIRE program, a career education program that offers five pathways for students in computer programming, engineering, health services, business, and advanced manufacturing, all of which come with college opportunities, award-winning robotics teams, speech and debate team, show choir, an award-winning music department, a journalism program, intelligent and insightful students that care about the community they live in, experienced teachers, many of whom have advanced degrees, and are passionate about helping students grow and prosper into successful citizens, and so much more.

So why isn’t this in the news instead of suspensions and fights?

“You have administrators and teachers that have their kids go through West, you would imagine if it was as bad as some might think it is, we [administrators and teachers] wouldn’t have our [own] kids attending West,” Heller said.

So, the next time you hear or see something about West, really think about it and do some fact checking. Not everything you may hear is true.

West is a great school with so many opportunities. West is so much more than the social media negative effects that we have seen a little too much of in the media lately.