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Planning Ahead

Counselors get a head start on student schedules
Raegan Ware
Caption Counselor Trisha Jones looks over a students schedule plan.

Every year the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors of west high are offered to plan their schedule for the next school year. Even though returning students will  be getting their actual schedule for the following year during the summer, planning out classes can help students get into the classes they would prefer to take. After getting a sheet with every class West can offer, students fill out a form with simple questions about possible career paths, and what classes they would be interested in. 

Counselor Erin Soedt works with countless students to plan out their schedule. While there are many things that go into course selection, Soedt finds two to be the most important. 

“We often see students select classes based on what their friends select, and then they end up in classes they don’t like,” said Soedt. 

When selecting classes it’s important to take into account certain factors, like the students interests and their future career plan. West High has 16 different career pathways such as Health Sciences & Services, Early Childhood Education, and Welding. 

It may seem simple, but there is a whole lot more that goes into counselors planning student schedules than it might seem. Each counselor has around 400 students and each student’s schedule is based around their needs and skills. Counselors get to learn these things during meetings with students, after a student sends in their schedule plan they’ll have their first meeting with their counselor where they’ll make a rough draft for their schedule the following  year. Then, around the end of the year, counselors will meet with students again to revise their plan and go over any changes. 

 “We meet with students very early to plan for the next year. Sometimes the classes you have in terms 3 or 4 are classes you know little about,” said Soedt. 

Even if students plan to take a class, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will always get in, sometimes classes fill up, or there are conflicts with other classes they may need to take.

 “Planning early helps to ensure you get seats in the classes you want. Planning early also gives school counselors more time to meet with students one-on-one,” said Soedt.

About the Contributor
Raegan Ware, Reporter
Raegan Ware is a junior at West High School, and it's her first year as a reporter for the Beak ‘N’ Eye. She is the starting catcher for the varsity softball team. Outside of school, Raegan loves to spend her time with her pets and play video games with her siblings. After graduating from West, she plans to pursue a PTD degree to become a physical therapist.