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Student works hard inside and outside of school
Samyr Andilog helps out at a golfing event for Falcon Friends.

Being an overachiever inside and outside of school is a difficult thing to do but Samyr Andilog manages to do it all. Samyr is a junior at Davenport West High School and participates in many clubs, activities, and challenging classes. He is a member of both the band and orchestra, where he holds a position in first chair for orchestra. Samyr is also a member of the Leo Club, National Honor Society, Falcon Friends, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Samyr stays active in all of these clubs to gain volunteer hours but also to help out the community.

“I like them because we get to volunteer, mostly NHS and Leo club…I like to help out the community and it looks good on my transcripts,” Andilog said.

Not only does Samyr go above and beyond outside of school, but he also works hard in his classes as well. He is enrolled in many AP classes and has been successful in grasping the content.

One of his AP teachers, Mrs. Coyne-Logan said, “He not only excelled at AP Human Geography but he always wanted to know more. He really strived to ask questions, understand the content and be able to apply it.”

Samyr works hard to understand the concepts in his classes both in class and at home. To achieve success in such a hard class, he has to put in extra work outside of school.

“For each AP class I take, I do around two hours of homework for that class,” Andilog said.

Along with homework Samyr also maintains his skill for band and orchestra at home.

“I practice each instrument one hour a day,” Andilog said. “If I keep practicing my skills I’ll maintain my first chair, since I am concertmaster for the Messiah concert”.

Samyr working so hard inside and outside of school is what helps him be so successful in his activities and classes. His determination is seen by both his teachers and peers. Many students could not handle balancing so many activities but Samyr goes above and beyond to be an extraordinary student.

About the Contributor
Lucy Bernick, Reporter
Lucy Bernick is a sophomore at West High School, and this is her second year on the Beak ‘n’ Eye staff. She is a member of the dance, volleyball, and tennis teams, along with the Leo club. Lucy loves to travel and her favorite place that she has been to is Hawaii. She has two older sisters that were both past members of the newspaper. Lucy is excited to write more sports and entertainment stories in the future to get kids interested in the Beak ‘n’ Eye.