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A New Change All Around

Staff and students adjust to new schedules
Riley Mier
Social Studies teacher Coyne-Logan teaches AP Human Geography the world map. This is a course only able for incoming freshmen and the only AP class a freshman can take.

Finals over, no assignments, no homework, no studying; all to do it again. With the first semester coming to an end, a new one is just beginning. Each semester staff and students schedules reset, making a fresh new start all around. A new change can be nerve racking due to being comfortable for a long period of time. Although a positive for the new term is students being able to have class with other students around the building.

Students enrolled at West High have four years to obtain at least 26 credits in order to walk across the stage, what classes they pick are up to them aside from the required studies. As the new term approaches, schedules seem to be the new focus since classes they pick guide them to the road ahead. 

Junior Hailey Ewen is currently taking classes that may seem challenging for only being a junior but will eventually further her education for the future. “I wanted to be a nurse for the longest time, that’s why I was taking more math and science classes. Although my classes are stressful this semester, I know I’m setting myself up for success in the future.” 

New schedules mean new opportunities to push oneself. Having perseverance can be a top priority especially when it comes to a new normality.

“I look forward to challenging myself in class, and switching up the curriculums and not having the same assignments. My goal is to work my hardest and turn my assignments in on time, so I can pass with a good grade,” junior Peyton Aleksiejczyk said. 

Students have the opportunity to pick their classes each term to help them meet the criteria for their high school diploma. Occasionally some are easier than others.

“My last term was easy, lightweight and nothing challenging. I got off easy last term. They’re all hard this term since I have Written Communication, Honors Chemistry, Human Body Systems, and Precalc. They’re all completely different,” Ewen said.

Even teachers fight the battle of having different classes for all four blocks. Mathematics teacher Lauren Klimek found that the most efficient way to fight those battles is to be ahead of the game.

“You gotta be very on top, making sure you got your three classes prepped, printings for all three and knowing what class you’re teaching. I’ve also been teaching long enough, so it’s not too hard, but you just have to be organized,” Klimek said.

Being prepared for class is a top priority here at West High, even if that means taking accountability outside of school to study for upcoming assessments. It’s evident that studying results in higher assessment scores, although many students aren’t aware how to perform that task. 

“Last semester I didn’t have to study. Do your work and pass. I’ve never really studied but this term I’ll have to study and make sure I pass,” Ewen said.

Studying might be a challenge for others, especially being used to easier classes. However for teachers on the other hand the hardest thing is as simple as one, two, three.

“I have 26-27 students in all three of my classes, but with classes with that amount the hardest thing is learning names,” Mrs.Klimek said.

New terms can be overwhelming for staff and students adjusting to the new normality. However Mrs. Klimek is filled with joy to make an impact here at West High.

“I’m excited to get to know a new group of kids, and parting my math wisdom!” Klimek said. 

About the Contributor
Addison Aleksiejczyk
Addison Aleksiejczyk is a junior and this is her second year on staff. Aside from the Beak ‘n’ Eye, she is also part of West’s Diamond Dancers and takes private dance lessons. She is outgoing around others and loves to meet new people. She’s a hard worker who is keen on organization and getting things done immediately and looks forward to her time on staff.