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Caitlin Clark goes above and beyond
Sydney Westerhof
“I was super excited to actually get to see her in person face to face and actually talk to her instead of just watching from the stands or on tv,” Westerhof said.

Women’s basketball has recently caught a lot of attention and it is thanks to Iowa Hawkeye senior guard Caitlin Clark. If you aren’t aware of who Clark is, she is a basketball player at the University of Iowa. For the past couple of years Clark has led her team to multiple conference wins and has broken numerous records. 

Clark is in her 4th year of playing women’s basketball at the University of Iowa. She has accumulated multiple BIG10 and NCAA awards. In her junior year she led Iowa to their first ever final 4 appearance in 30 years and to the final round of the NCAA championship against LSU.

“Caitlin Clark is really good, and I literally love her. She is my favorite person alive. She can do anything she puts her mind to, I feel like that’s why she is good,” freshman Mady Kengott said. 

Caitlin Clark is an inspiration to many people around the world, going above and beyond societal standards. She is changing the way of women’s athletics and is a figure many people can look up to. 

“Caitlin Clark is a role model, not only to me but for all young athletes because she is breaking the barriers between women’s and men’s sports. She shows just how awesome women’s sports can be and how anyone can do the same thing she’s doing. With Caitlin’s uprising, people are starting to notice how great women’s basketball really is,” senior Sydney Westerhof said. 

Although Clark has been known for her awards and achievements, her talent on the court is out of this world. She manages to blow away audiences with her defense and creative shots. 

“Caitlyn has made so many great plays throughout the years. To her triple doubles, buzzer beaters, blocks, and the faces she makes after a good play. She has really made an impact in women’s basketball,” sophomore Solada Nguyen said. 

Caitlin is just the beginning of growth for women’s athletics and she has so much more to give for the future. From her breaking attendance records, to her creating history in women’s basketball. She is a remarkable athlete.

“I’m excited to see Caitlin’s future blossom, she has only just started and already I’m such a huge fan,” sophomore Kayden English said.