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Weather Cancellations cause trouble for athletes
This is how the weather was for most of the week and students were playing games outside with shorts and jerseys. The weather was not to the test of many athletes but the athletes will hope for better weather in the weeks to come.

The beginning of April has many students doubting their athletic seasons. With only being a couple days into April and many activities getting canceled due to the weather. Some students wanted their game to be canceled or rescheduled, and many were excited to play, but the weather was not to their expectations.

“I thought the game being canceled was good because it doesn’t feel good to run in that kind weather which was why I was kind of relieved that the meet got canceled because I don’t want to run in the cold,” junior Trey Brown said.

As all spring sports compete outside, winter-like weather caused many events to be canceled. On  April 1st the boys  soccer team had to play in rain and a temperature of 30 degrees farenheit against Clinton and mild rain. 

“It was freezing, there was terrible weather at the game, we were using the hoodie to cover ourselves though it wasn’t the best to cover, it was all we could use,” freshman soccer player Chase Monroe said. 

On April 2nd, the weather became much worse than expected and went from mildly raining to severely raining and snowing. Ending resulting in a lot of events to be canceled. The events for the boys and girls track meets, the girls’ tennis match, and even the girls’ soccer game were canceled.

“I was sad that the meet got canceled because I wanted to play North and it would be an  easy and fun meet,” sophomore Avery Stineman said.  

On April 4th the girls golf meet was canceled due the weather  and freezing temperatures. The same day every after school activity was canceled due to the same weather.

“I am happy because I feel as though we didn’t have enough time to prepare for the meet and it would have been freezing and wet,” junior Courtney Walker said.

 On the other hand, the soccer boys meet was not canceled but instead moved to Assumption on that same day, which meant that the boys played through severe cold.

“I’m pretty happy that the game got moved because I didn’t want to be in the mud but on the other hand it’s gonna be more difficult for students and parents to attend the game,” senior Alizandro Sainz said.

About the Contributor
Freddy Bitingingwa
Freddy Bitingingwa, Reporter
Freddy Bitingingwa is a junior class of 2025, and is on staff as a reporter. He is involved in the west soccer team as well as the newspaper. He loves playing video games like god of war and elden ring. He also enjoys reading digital novels. A fun fact about him is that he has 8 family members including him. He has been in the US for six years and five years in Davenport.