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Joseph Potts
Senior and reporter Joseph Potts is a very optimistic student who lives his life grateful to be alive each and everyday. He enjoys time outdoors especially in the park by the Mississippi River where it’s nice and quiet, with nice people and ducks that wander around.

He is very ambitious, with his future yet to be decided as he has many things that he wants to do such as become a cartoonist, an engineer, or a reporter. No matter what he chooses to become he hopes that people will still think of him as being the jack of all trades, and as being creative. He is known around the newsroom for always leaving little doodles on the board for everyone to see flaunting his creativity and drawing skills.

Joseph is a very kind helpful person although the most important thing to him is solving his own problems before he tries to fix other people’s problems. Although you have to work on your personal problems before helping others with theirs, Joseph feels that people should help each other more often and get along more to work on bigger problems. He believes that instead of the world working with one for all this should be changed to all for one, bettering the community.

Written by Aiden Rushing

Joseph Potts, Reporter

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Joseph Potts