Senior Spotlight: Alexis Schutters


Joseph Potts

“I would describe [Alexis] as outgoing, hardworking and she always puts in a lot of effort into everything she does,” Marcus Schutters said

Aiden Rushing, Reporter

Instead of dwelling in the past on things that can’t be changed, senior Alexis Schutters prefers to live in the present. Schutters is inspired by her aunt who was has taught her a lot about not dwelling on the past and living in the now. Schutters is a very kind and caring student, who tries her best to be friendly and helpful to others.

Schutters enjoys hanging out with her friends after school some of which include her cousin senior Taylor Schutters, and her brother senior Marcus Schutters. She also studies and works. She works at Good Samaritan nursing home. Schutters is also involved with some after school activities including tennis and Leo Club.

“My best memory with [Alexis] is when we went on vacation together, we went to Massachusetts and Vermont we went skiing for the first time, it was kind of scary but we had fun,” Marcus Schutters said.

Schutters has big plans for after high school. She plans to live near Iowa City for college and then pursue a career in the medical field. School is very important to Schutters and one of her greatest accomplishments is her good grades.

“I have enjoyed the people I have met so far at West and the people I’ve made friends with. Mrs. Hansen is my favorite teacher because she taught me a lot of Spanish and I really enjoy Spanish, she is also very nice,” Schutters said.

Schutters has many friends, she is really close to her cousin Taylor Schutters who share a close bond with Alexis. They both help each other out with homework after school and talk to each other whenever they need to.

“When my dog died she [Alexis] felt the same way about it that I did, and she was there for me when that happened,” Taylor Schutters said.