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Homecoming week recap

Falcons' favorite moments from the 2018 homecoming week

Students and staff show their school spirit by sporting red and white on 'Crazy Red and White Friday'.

Emma Bernick, Media Editor

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West celebrated the 2018 homecoming week with various events. The week started with the homecoming presentation aud on Monday, Sept. 10, featuring the homecoming court and their escorts. On Tuesday, Sept. 11, the first annual obstacle course event was hosted by student senate during fourth block. The kickball tournament was held on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at the West Baseball Complex, with the homecoming court and student senate team taking a victory. Thursday’s activities included the homecoming parade and bonfire, as well as the crowning of 2018 Homecoming Queen Tessa Hicks. West faced city rival Davenport North for the homecoming football game on Friday, Sept. 14. The homecoming dance rounded out the week on Saturday, Sept. 15 at the River Center.


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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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About the Contributors
Emma Bernick, Media Editor

Emma Bernick is a senior and is the Media Editor for WHSToday. She loves being able to share her ideas and thoughts through student journalism. She enjoys writing news and opinion pieces. Emma has a passion for science and public health, and she plans to pursue a career in the medical field. She also loves to travel and hopes to find a way to incorporate it into her future.

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Zack Misner, Features Editor

Nine times out of ten, you can find Beak ‘n’ Eye Features Editor Zack Misner with his nose in a book. His love of reading and writing makes him a perfect addition to the Beak ‘n’ Eye staff.

Other than newspaper, Misner is involved in Drama Club and Comedy Sportz. He enjoys the creativity of this experience.

As Features Editor, Misner is responsible for helping other staffers form unique and interesting articles for the print issues and website. He is looking forward to writing for WHSToday’s Humans of West and Senior Spotlight sections.

Written by Emma Bernick

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Aiden Rushing, Reporter

Junior Aiden Rushing is currently a reporter and graphic designer for the Beak ‘n’ Eye. A former prodigy in long division, baseball and spinning on his head, Aiden is a man of many talents.

Aiden has a passion for creating things. He sees himself more as a creator than creative. He has always been fascinated with things like photoshop and graphic design because it fuels a desire in him to make or build things. He expresses his artistic talents in the charts and posters he has done for the staff or fun pictures of a teacher as movie characters. This passion was so great that it eventually lead to him getting a award for his efforts.

When he is not designing artwork for the newspaper, he is reporting on stories happening around the school. Whether it be about the Speech and Debate team heading to Nationals, a teacher retiring after 38 years of teaching or just showcasing West’s finest, Aiden is always giving it his all in what he does.

A man that doesn’t care what you think about him or what he has to say and as cool and thick as a snail, Aiden spends his free time practicing playing his acoustic electric guitar, which is a tradition cared on by his grandfather and his father, eating sushi at Fuggis, going to the gym and spending time with his family.

Written by Joseph Potts

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Emma Day, Marketing Director

Senior Emma Day is the Marketing Director for the Beak ‘n’ Eye newspaper staff. She posts on social media with updates on events/people, post links to stories and does shout outs for ads.

For the 2018-2019 year Day plans to incorporate more into her role in newspaper. Her goal is to cover smaller events and have a wider coverage.

Other than newspaper, Day enjoys to watch YouTube, hangout with her drama club and show choir friends (although she isn’t involved in either) and write.

If Day could change the world in one way, she would make it a better place in general, where everyone feels respected and equal.

Day plans on attending Scott Community College in the fall of 2019 for two years to get her associate’s degree. After that, she plans on transferring to the University of Iowa to get her masters in psychology as well.

After all her schooling she wants to live in Tennessee to become a Mental Health Therapist. Tennessee is Day’s happy place that feels like home because she has visited since she was little.

Her dream is to have a tiny house with a white picket fence around her 1 or 2 acre yard. She plans to have dogs, ducks, pigs, and many other types of animals.

Day is also huge music addict. She listens to all types of music depending on her mood. Her selection can go from rap, to pop or bands, to 80’s rock, or even musicals.

Written by Naomi Walker

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Naomi Walker, Co-Media Editor and Business Manager

Senior Naomi Walker is currently a Co-Media Editor and Business Manager for the West High Beak ‘n’ Eye.

Walker is a little undecided when it comes to what she wants to do in the future. She believes she either wants to go to Purdue University in Indiana or Iowa State University. At either of those colleges she would like to study to be either a chiropractor, law enforcement agent or an anesthesiologist.

One thing that Walker does plan on doing is moving to North Carolina with her sister.

“There’s mountains and beaches and I love them both so much,” Walker daydreams.

When not in the newspaper room at school she participates in cheer, National Honors Society, and newspaper. In her free time she also enjoys painting, hanging out with friends and working out.  

Written by Emma Day

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Joseph Potts, Reporter

Senior and reporter Joseph Potts is a very optimistic student who lives his life grateful to be alive each and everyday. He enjoys time outdoors especially in the park by the Mississippi River where it’s nice and quiet, with nice people and ducks that wander around.

He is very ambitious, with his future yet to be decided as he has many things that he wants to do such as become a cartoonist, an engineer, or a reporter. No matter what he chooses to become he hopes that people will still think of him as being the jack of all trades, and as being creative. He is known around the newsroom for always leaving little doodles on the board for everyone to see flaunting his creativity and drawing skills.

Joseph is a very kind helpful person although the most important thing to him is solving his own problems before he tries to fix other people’s problems. Although you have to work on your personal problems before helping others with theirs, Joseph feels that people should help each other more often and get along more to work on bigger problems. He believes that instead of the world working with one for all this should be changed to all for one, bettering the community.

Written by Aiden Rushing

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Hannah Andrews, News Editor

Hannah Andrews is a junior and News Editor for the Beak ‘n’ Eye at West High School.

Andrews lives with her grandparents, but when asked who her greatest influence is she cited her older sister, who was her role model through childhood.

Her sister told her she should participate in school activities, and her mom inspired her to do newspaper because her mother had done it in high school.

In her free time Andrews works a lot-about 30 hours a week over summer break. She has a customer service job at HyVee.

Andrews plans to take dual-credit college courses to finish out her last two years of high school. She finds psychology interesting and may pursue that in her future.

Written by Laurence Walker

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Tori Dierikx, Reporter

Tori Dierikx is a senior and a first time reporter for the Beak ‘N’ Eye at West High School.

Dierikx spends her free time playing soccer and volleyball. Dierikx’s first year playing soccer, she was awarded “All Conference” for her impeccable job as goalie.

Along with sports, music is a big influence in her life. Being able to play piano has opened doors for Dierikx. She has had the opportunity to teach others the arts of the beautiful ivory keys.

Written by Hannah Andrews

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