Senior Falcon festival

A picnic for seniors as a final farewell before June 1 graduation


Joseph Potts

One of the featured games at the annual Falcon senior picnic was bags. West gym teachers were able to bring their supplies for students to use. According to Associate Principal Mike Orfitelli, it was the most popular activity. ” I like that we have the bags here because a lot of people are enjoying that and I like playing it too,” senior Presely Roseman said.

Joseph Potts , reporter

An annual picnic for graduating students was held on May 22 at the Mississippi Fairgrounds as way for seniors to  get together one last time before graduation. The senior picnic has been a long running, approximately 30 years, tradition for the school.

“I think it would probably go back around 30 years that some sort of senior picnic to end the year and celebrate the senior year and the end of high school as a class, as opposed to once graduation hits,” Associate Principal Mike Orfitelli said. ”People are going their separate ways, and to their own separate parties and so as one group this is one way to say we’ll excuse them from their work day to have some fun together.”

The senior picnic was orchestrated by guidance counselor Trisha Jones and senior class officers seniors Presley Roseman, Lily Hancock, Grace James, Addison Flynn, and Cassie Kengot. The senior leaders met about 10 times before the event to get things organized such as contacting businesses, purchasing items, and getting food and drinks.

“The five of us actually planned all of it. So we’re all in charge of different stuff like ordering the pizzas, ordering the donuts, and bringing the drinks,” Roseman said. “And then we got here this morning to set up.”

There were different activities students could participate in such as rock climbing on a boulder that was given by the National Guard. Gym teachers brought games like bags and when those options were not available, students could play volleyball and soccer out in the fields. . Yearbooks were also handed out and students were able to sign each other’s at the event.

Seniors Leah Anderson and Taylor Utterback said they enjoyed their time at the picnic stating they liked playing games like volleyball and talking with friends.

Anderson said she enjoyed watching other seniors read their yearbook.Anderson and Utterback are both editors of the yearbook, they said they appreciated when people complimented them because it shows how much hard work it took for them to make it over the course of the school year.

“I don’t usually talk with all the seniors during the day, so it was fun getting to know everybody at the same time and just writing cute little things and about memories we had through high school [in each other’s yearbooks,” Utterback said.