Problematic weather for sports


Kate Kealey

Senior Tyler Williams hurdling at one of the few meets that the boys track team had at Brady Street Stadium.

Emma Day, Social Media Manager

For the last couple of weeks there have been many cancellations for spring sports because of the cold weather. The sports that have had cancellations are boys and girls tennis, track, soccer and girls golf.

“When we don’t have a meet, we usually practice. Since the weather has been so bad, we have to make sure we come prepared for both,” senior Deshja Meyers said.

With all of the meets being cancelled, practices usually take their place. When the weather is bad, some of the sports teams practice inside.

“It’s kind of disappointing because you get hyped up for it, then it gets cancelled. On the other hand it’s nice that you don’t have to sit in the cold or rain,” junior tennis player Michael Chalupa said.

The meets are cancelled depending on temperature and precipitation. If the windchill is in the 20s or if there is excessive rain or in the 30s, it is more of a judgement call between all three athletic directors in Davenport.

Not only is it up to the athletic directors, but also the coaches of those sports.

In total, there has been one cancelled golf meet, one game for both boys and girls soccer, one boys tennis meet, two girls tennis meets, four boys track meets, and three girls track meets. There has  also been one girls golf and one girls tennis meet rescheduled.

“I’ve coached for 15 years and have been an athletic director for three,” Athletic Directer Kevin Peterson said. “This is the worst start of the spring season that I’ve seen in the last 18 years.”