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Spanish teacher Stephanie Hansen proudly holds her go-to meal of chicken nuggets along with her favorite plant. Hansen explained how she ironically had the chicken nuggets at school as she was sharing with those around her. Not surprising, her care for others is always showing.

Life beyond the classroom

Sarah Bernick, Editor-in-Chief April 26, 2021

Helping with everything they do, teachers are constantly working to provide the best high school education and experience that a student can receive. Staying up late to get grades in or waking up extra...

Life beyond the classroom

Sarah Bernick, Editor-in-Chief April 23, 2021

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Sophomore Cristian Agulaira is stressed about an upcoming test.

Off Days at West

Karley Eacker, Reporter February 27, 2020

 Teachers and students have their off days at school and sometimes it’s hard to deal with. All students and teachers have different ways to deal with their emotions. ''When students don’t get on...

Medieval Club is not just an extracurricular, it is also a family, says adviser and talented and gifted teacher Jay Swords.

Secret clubs of West

Madison Barton, Reporter February 18, 2020

With 34 clubs at West, there is a chance students may not know all of them. Not everyone may not be aware of the more “unknown” clubs. Every student is encouraged to join a club, sport or some kind...

Student Senate members and seniors Erica Henderson, Hailey Hansen, and Gillian Collins put up locker tags to recognize students in the building and involvement in clubs and sports.

Behind the locker tags

Vu Tran, Business Manager February 11, 2020

Freshman Faith Rettler is on the volleyball team and is a varsity cheerleader. Senior Ellie Mirfield is in the Ecology Club and Health Careers Club (HOSA). Something you may overlook are the locker tags...

Science teacher Brandon Yoder’s goals for his classes vary throughout the year, but he is always just as involved in the class as his students are.
“I believe that every student is capable of doing well in my classes,” Yoder said. “It is my job to guide them where they need to go, to a certain extent they need to do things on their own, but I want them to pave that path to help get them there.”

Yoder ‘kills it’ in the classroom

Kate Kealey, Editor in Chief April 12, 2019

Entering room 119 one will encounter the aroma of fresh air coming from the courtyard windows, and popcorn. Depending on the day, you will find a deceased Anna Garcia mannequin laying on the floor, or...

“Everything happens for a reason. This is something I really believe in, senior Alexa Glandon said.

Senior Spotlight: Alexa Glandon

Naomi Walker, Social Media and Business Manager November 27, 2018

Throughout high school, senior Alexa Glandon has made many friendships, learned about herself, and participated in many activities. Glandon has been involved in volleyball all four years, she is the...

“I’m always very genuine with people. I will tell you what I am thinking, what I am feeling, and what I think of you. [I do this] because people have a tendency to stop listening to you when they think you’re full of crap. In turn, I want everyone else to be as genuine as they can back to me,” Yoder said. “I think that is an important level of respect that I like to have with not just my students, but also with my athletes and colleagues.”

Humans of West: Brandon Yoder

Naomi Walker, Reporter April 13, 2018

Brandon Yoder is the new boys tennis coach and has taught science for six years at West. Yoder was the freshman football assistant coach for three years, but once he started graduate school he stepped...

STEM Innovator teachers bring innovation to the classroom

Aiden Rushing, Reporter March 16, 2018

West has a new edition of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Innovator qualified teachers: science teacher Brandon Yoder and Business Education teacher Mark Schlichting. STEM teachers offer...

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