Humans of West: Brandon Yoder


Naomi Walker

“I’m always very genuine with people. I will tell you what I am thinking, what I am feeling, and what I think of you. [I do this] because people have a tendency to stop listening to you when they think you’re full of crap. In turn, I want everyone else to be as genuine as they can back to me,” Yoder said. “I think that is an important level of respect that I like to have with not just my students, but also with my athletes and colleagues.”

Naomi Walker, Reporter

Brandon Yoder is the new boys tennis coach and has taught science for six years at West.

Yoder was the freshman football assistant coach for three years, but once he started graduate school he stepped down from the position. He graduated with his masters in Dec. 2017. Yoder says that it has opened up his schedule.

“Peterson asked me if I would be interested in coaching tennis and since I have played tennis for a number of years and I was interested, I took the position,” Yoder said.

Yoder didn’t play tennis in high school, but as he has grown up, he has taken up tennis and golf. Yoder wishes he played tennis in high school, but he is fulfilling those wishes by coaching instead.

“I think the benefit [of coaching and teaching] is that I get to see student athletes daily, either in the hallways or a few in class. It is nice to be able to talk with them and just be here,” Yoder said.