Senior Spotlight: Alexa Glandon


Published with permission from Alexa Glandon

“’Everything happens for a reason’. This is something I really believe in,” senior Alexa Glandon said.

Naomi Walker, Social Media and Business Manager

Throughout high school, senior Alexa Glandon has made many friendships, learned about herself, and participated in many activities.

Glandon has been involved in volleyball all four years, she is the Vice President of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), a member of the blood drive committee, Spanish Club, Leo Club, GLI (Girl’s Learn International), and National Honors Society.

“Honestly my favorite part about West are the teachers. I love a lot of the teachers and it made classes enjoyable. I’ve gotten some great relationships that I will be able to carry into college. I have multiple favorite teachers, but if I had to listen them it would be Mr. Yoder, Mrs. Duquette and Mrs. Zimmerman,” Glandon said.

Glandon’s favorite class was psychology 101 with Zimmerman during her first term of senior year. She finds psychology and the brain interesting. This is great for her future career choice which is to study forensic science at Iowa State University.

“I am interested in stuff like that, as morbid as it sounds, death interests me. People are always going to pass, so I’ll always have a job. I will probably end up working at a coroner’s office, figuring out how people pass. Ideally, I would like to work in the field which is being at the crime scene and collecting evidence. I would have to go through the police academy for that and I don’t really want to do that,” Glandon said.

In Glandon’s freetime she works at Me and Billy’s downtown and spends time with her niece Luna as well as hanging out with her friends.

“She has helped me a lot with coming to the realization that it is not about what other people think of you. She is very free spirited and she helped me come out of my shell, making friends, and realizing that it is not other people’s opinions that matter,” senior Mia Nelson said. “I helped her by giving her rides, but she’s really good at giving advice. Anytime we hangout I just forget about any of the stressful stuff I am going through. We have study dates at Dunn Bros Coffee a lot and help each other with homework.”

Nelson and Glandon met in middle school through a mutual friend and ever since they have just grown closer. They like to study together and get food. They always help each other out when they need it and can trust each other.

“I think she will definitely be successful at something in the health field. She should be in a career that interacts with people because she is a very caring person but also someone that, when push comes to shove, she is going to take authority and do what she can to get the job done,” Yoder said.

Glandon also had Yoder for Medical Interventions last year and he is the advisor for the HOSA club that she is Vice President of. They spend a good amount of time together within school which has created a strong bond between the two.

“She is very witty and I appreciate that. She is just hilarious and cracks me up,” Yoder said. “I like her compassion and how she shows it. I am a pretty blunt person and we have that in common. She has a very caring sense, which is especially obvious during blood drive. When people aren’t feeling well she is says ‘oh let me get you this’,” Yoder said.

If Glandon could travel back in time, she would redo her sophomore year. She did not do well in school and she wishes she could have done better. Sophomore year brought down her GPA. She believes she could have at a 4.0 if she tried harder back then but now she has a 3.6.

“Make sure you pay attention in class and learn how to study before you’re a senior. It will help a lot and make your life much less stressful,” Glandon said. “Don’t care what people say about you, don’t even get involved in the high school drama. Everybody does eventually, but it is not worth your time and stress. Just do you, don’t worry about what other people say or think of you because it does not matter in the long run.”

During high school Glandon has grown as a person by becoming more independent and is now able to trust in her abilities. She has learned that everything happens for a reason. She will not miss high school but she will definitely remember it in good light. She made great memories and friends but will always be ready and happy to start a new path.

“Alexa is a unique person. She has her own style and her own way of doing things. She is very individual, she doesn’t really let anyone tell her what to do. She knows what needs to get done and does it. She is focus on what is important, she doesn’t let herself get caught up in drama. She is very genuine,” Nelson said.