Behind the locker tags


Vu Tran

Student Senate members and seniors Erica Henderson, Hailey Hansen, and Gillian Collins put up locker tags to recognize students in the building and involvement in clubs and sports.

Vu Tran, Business Manager

Freshman Faith Rettler is on the volleyball team and is a varsity cheerleader. Senior Ellie Mirfield is in the Ecology Club and Health Careers Club (HOSA). Something you may overlook are the locker tags that hang on students’ lockers in the halls of West honoring membership in Falcon sports and clubs.

Student Senate is responsible for the tags to show recognition of activities and sports that are seemingly overlooked.

“We have a large population, approximately 1600 students, that’s impossible to keep up with everybody who’s involved,” language arts teacher and Student Senate advisor Deb Hall said.

Senior and Student Senate member Gillian Collins said that clubs and music are more ignored so they wanted a way to represent those activities plus sports. Senate felt guilty for not including other activities and sports, so they opted to include more.

“We felt bad not doing the other sports that didn’t get recognized, so we did them all,” senior and Student Senate member Erica Henderson said.

With the locker tags in sight, science department chair and Health Careers Club advisor Brandon Yoder expresses how positive they are.

“I think they are positive and that you get recognition in ways that are beyond sports, but also including sports,” Yoder said. 

In other ways senior and Student Senate member Hailey Hansen says how crazy it is to see how many people are involved in clubs.

“Some people have a bunch on their lockers,” Hansen said.

Student Senate also plans on adding more to lockers throughout the year when people join clubs, during spring sports, and involvement in other activities. 

“We plan to keep on doing it, till spring sports or when people join clubs,” Henderson said.

It is just not about being in sports or activities, but living up to the West High Way.

“We want kids who are involved. We want them to know we appreciate that they’re involved and we want the rest of the building to know who is involved.” Hall said. “When you see all of those on the lockers, it’s pretty cool to see that we have a lot of kids involved in a lot of things.”