Off Days at West


Karley Eacker

Sophomore Cristian Agulaira is stressed about an upcoming test.

Karley Eacker, Reporter

 Teachers and students have their off days at school and sometimes it’s hard to deal with. All students and teachers have different ways to deal with their emotions.

”When students don’t get on task or want to stay on task, it gets frustrating when you care about their well being,” math teacher Ethan Johnson said.” I just take a step back and remind myself that they are high school students. They are still children, and they are still developing.” 

When some teachers are stressed out one of the things they do is talk it out, however, math teacher Ayola Vesey has a different way of coping with stress or being frustrated. 

” I go to a lot of teachers and talk about whatever that’s going on” Vesey said.

Teachers know when students are having off days 

“When a student is in a bad mood I know because they snap on people and they might knock something down, it could cause a distraction,” said Vesey

Ayola Vesey has a way to deal with her students’ bad moods. 

“I come up to them one-on-one and say, ‘It looks like you need a minute,’ and offer them to go get water or go to the bathroom so they can reflect on what’s going on,” Vesey said. 

Some classes put students in bad moods because of other students in there.

 “I waw in my third block and I had foods and there was this kid behind me who kept messing with me like stealing my ID lantern, but it stopped.  I mean through the term the student started to leave me alone, but it was still annoying,” sophomore Cristian Aguilera said. 

When asked about how he handles the mood he said

“I watch Youtube and listen to music or talk to my mom,” Aguilera said.

Some students play video games to relieve stress.

“Like most American teenagers, I like to spend my time playing video games,” sophomore Ayden Palmer said. “ I’m very good at hiding my emotions. I just don’t talk,” Palmer said.  

Sometimes the weather can affect your moods.

“ I was in a bad mood when there was a cold day and most of my students were gone,” science teacher Brandon Yoder said .

Some people talk their feelings out.

“I’m usually very vocal because i’m frustrated and the look it’s on my face so i don’t pretend and then I say I am frustrated because of a certain reason,” Yoder said.

Some people also make light of the situation.

 “I try to make light of it I act like i have short term memory loss like I vent about for like a minute and the same goes for if a student is in a bad mood,” Yoder said.