New Beginnings

Head secretary gets a new job opportunity


Makenna Burt

Head secretary Lisa Rostenbach smiling at her desk. She was soaking in the last moments in the office.

Isabella Martens, Editor In-Cheif

Answering phone calls, responding to emails, and writing students passes are only a few things Lisa Rostenbach does throughout her day. Rostenbach is the head secretary for West and has a jam packed schedule. She also lets students in the building and helps keep the office organized. After being at West for seven years Rostenbach will be switching to a new job. 

Rostenbach has formed many relationships with the staff and students in the building in the last seven years. She is the first face a lot of kids see when they enter the building; everyone knows how important her job is.

“My favorite part of this job is the teachers and the students. I have been in the district for 23 years, so it’s hard to leave,” Rostenbach said.

Senior Breanna Young has been working in the office with Rostenbach. Rostenbach helps train seniors who work in the office to help with the doors and answering phone calls.

“She cares about her students beyond what her job requires. I’m sad she’s leaving because she’s an important part of this school, but I’m glad she’s going on to better things,” said Young.

Rostenbach makes an effort to get to know students and be a friendly face for them in the building. She also opens the door for all the late students and helps them get their day started.

“She’s so nice to me when I’m late and we have good conversations. I’m going to be sad she’s leaving. My favorite memory is when she was baking me for not watching the movie Grease and made me watch parts of it,” senior Tucker Avis said.

Rostenbach creates a positive environment for everyone in the office. The seniors working with her think of that time as a break.

“Being in the office with her is a good break before AP Stats and prepares me for the rest of the day. She also bought us lunch for Christmas one day,” Young said.

West can be overwhelming for Rostenbach some days when she’s trying to manage so many things at once. She gave West her all and now she is moving on to something new. 

“One thing I’m looking forward to in my new job is a little less chaos because I will be going to work in a small lawyer’s office,” Rostenbach said.

This is a big loss for West and everyone will miss having her here.