Students plan to take on Italy

Students are getting the chance to travel to Italy during the summer of 2020


Published with permission from Ian McCloud

McCloud poses above a city in Verona, Italy.

Aiden Rushing, Reporter

Science teacher Ian McCloud is planning a trip for students to travel to Italy. The date is tentatively set for July 2020. The trip will be orchestrated through the company EF (Education First)

A meeting was held Thursday Oct. 11 discussing the specifics of the trip. McCloud’s main reason for the trip is to give students the chance to experience a new culture.

“This trip is something that was offered to me when I was in high school. I have traveled a lot in my life so I would like for students to have that opportunity,” McCloud said.

The trip will consist of mostly traveling in a tour bus sightseeing through many historic places. They plan to go to Milan, Venice, Florence, Assisi, Pompeii, Sorrento and Rome. While there the students will be provided breakfast and dinner although lunch will not be included. Because of this students will have the freedom to experiment with new foods.

“I think the trip would benefit me by showing me a part of the world that’s not relatively new like America is and I would be able to experience another culture,” junior Laurence Walker said.

The trip will cost students an estimated total of $3,760 with different payment options. The options include; biweekly payments of $92, monthly payments of $184, or an upfront payment of $3,760. For other necessities like snacks, souvenirs, and the baggage fee students will need spending money.

“In order to pay for the trip expenses I would either work extra hours or fundraise, so I could experience and learn from a different culture,” junior Cameron White said.

The students must have a passport to attend, the maximum amount of students that will be able to attend is 40. The trip offers college credits to anyone who attends because of the education involved. Students will be supervised 24/7 with a six to one student to teacher ratio.

“I won’t be the only adult there so we will have other adults and it will be a guided tour, so you’re going where we are going and we will have structure, we will discuss that before we go,” McCloud said.