No energy drink needed

Humans of West: Madison Meador


Kaylee Milem

With current events and stressors in the world many find an outlet in order to escape reality. This may include exercising, playing video games, as well as cooking or baking. For freshman Madison Meador, listening to music is what allows her to escape reality. “My favorite artist is Ariana Grande because the songs that she has come out with are really good and I like them. My favorite song by her is ‘POV’,” Meador said.

Kaylee Milem, Reporter

Coming from middle school to high school is a transition for anyone. Even more of a transition for freshman Madison Meador caused by the changes of the 2020-2021 school year. She imagined the bad things about high school and was scared at first, but her energetic and positive attitude made that transition easier and more enjoyable. 

Growing up for Meador was definitely fun with two little brothers, ages eight and four, running around. Even going so far as to say she’d choose her two brothers over a potential sister. 

“They do more things than girls do, I think because they are not afraid of most things,” Meador said. “And a sister would want to get into my stuff.”

Meador has always liked her personal space and privacy which flows into her social life. She considered herself both an introvert as well as an extrovert. She feels the most comfortable with her best friend.

“I don’t think a lot of people see the more energetic side of her,” freshman Riley Mier said. “She’s more like herself at home, than she is in public.”

Meador and Mier’s friendship goes back to when they were babies since their aunts were friends as well. They are one of the same, like two peas in a pod. 

“We’re like sisters,” Mier said. “We hang out every day, we’re just always together.”

During zero term, Meador attended a course called Academic Success. During this time she grew a connection with student support teacher, Thia Carminati. Meador found comfort in Carminati’s room due to her ability to understand, how well she relates to students, and how welcomed she felt in her classroom. 

“Her personality, she is just very friendly and approachable,” Carminati said. “She is very spunky. She’s cheerful, has high energy, and has a big personality.”

As a student, Meador always tries her best to succeed. Even with activities outside of school such as cheer and softball, she still manages to get all of her school work done on time. Meador is proud of herself for her accomplishment in making the cheer team, which she has done for two years, as well as playing softball for six years. 

“She is very on top of things. She doesn’t like having work missing. She doesn’t like turning in things late. She wants all the details to be just right,” Carminati said.

Meador’s favorite subject in school is science. Growing up, being a nurse had always been her dream career. Her goal for the future is to go to college in order to become a nurse. Although, since she is a freshman, she hasn’t decided where she wants to go for college. 

“I’m not very good at math, and I don’t really like language arts,” Meador said. “I understand science better than I do in the other classes. And science will help lead to stuff I need for my career.”

Meador still has a few years until the end of her high school career. That results in keeping up on her assignments so she can attend the college of her choice, as well as enjoying the rest of high school with her friends and favorite teachers of course.

“I think pressure gives her some anxiety, but she uses it positively. She will take that anxiety and then she concentrates more,” Carminati said.