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Ex-gymnast takes over the world of diving

After not qualifying for state last year, Negron qualifies this year after pushing hard at every practice.

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter

November 1, 2018

  Sophomore Tiana Negron has gone 11-0 at all diving competitions she has participated in so far this season. Negron started her diving career in eighth grade when she moved schools. Originally a gymnast, she made the switch to diving primarily for financial reasons. “I miss it a lo...

Moving On: Lori Duquette

English teacher Lori Duquette will move to Wilson Elementary School for the 2018-19 school year as a guidance counselor.

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter

June 4, 2018

Q: How many years have you taught at West and in general? A: I've taught at West five years and taught/been a counselor for 33 years.   Q: What got you into teaching? A: I used to play teacher in third grade at my grandma's house, and ever since then I knew I wanted to be a teacher. ...

Moving on: Guy Heller

Associate principal Guy Heller will be transferring to Central High School due to district wide changes for the 2018-19 school year.

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter

May 24, 2018

Q: How long have you been at West? A: This is my fourth year.   Q: Where will you be going next year? A: Central High School.   Q: How did you find out you were going to have to leave? A:  I found out just prior to everyone else finding out. My boss came in and said, 'Hey...

Humans of West: Alex Solbrig

“Since high school has started, I’ve become more independent. I don’t expect anyone to hold my hand when it comes to academic, athletic, or social success,

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter

May 3, 2018

“One of my favorite memories was at my church camp in Ames when my friends and I left our cabins during the night and played games outside until 5 a.m." -sophomore Alex Solbrig   

Humans of West: Katie Choate

“I wish I could travel more. I would start with traveling to places around the United States that I know I want to see. Then I would probably go abroad to an extent because since I’ve been in Ecuador, I know I don't want to go somewhere with a language barrier unless I’d have a guide with me.”

April 16, 2018

“I studied abroad my senior year at St. Ambrose during the winter for a three week span in Cuenca, Ecuador. I stayed with a host family for those three weeks. I fulfilled one of my education requirements classes, which was teaching culturally responsive students. We visited a variety of different ...

Light it up blue

West shows its support during Autism Awareness Month by wearing light it up blue t-shirts.

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter

April 6, 2018

On Tuesday, Apr. 3, students and staff wore blue shirts in honor of autism awareness month. T-shirts could be purchased the past few weeks in the activities office. Students who purchased shirts received them on Tuesday, Mar. 27. Athletics secretary Nicky Haas ran the awareness campaign and ...

Women of West: Lisa Rostenbach

What is your goal for the future? 
“I’d like to travel out of the country because I think it would be a nice experience.”

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter

March 28, 2018

Words of wisdom from West's head secretary: “Treat others how you want to be treated because of the way things are today in the world and society. I think if people treated everybody the way they want to be treated, the world would be a better place.” -secretary Lisa Rostenbach...

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