Humans of West: Katie Choate


Mackenzi Burns

“I wish I could travel more. I would start with traveling to places around the United States that I know I want to see. Then I would probably go abroad to an extent because since I’ve been in Ecuador, I know I don’t want to go somewhere with a language barrier unless I’d have a guide with me.”

“I studied abroad my senior year at St. Ambrose during the winter for a three week span in Cuenca, Ecuador. I stayed with a host family for those three weeks. I fulfilled one of my education requirements classes, which was teaching culturally responsive students. We visited a variety of different types of agencies. We went to an adoption agency, an orphanage, a high school, an elementary school, and we brought what we learned from those places back to class to discuss it. It was challenging staying with my host family because they spoke little to no English.”

-English teacher Katie Choate