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 Caleb McDaniel ‘23 and Zane Augustine ‘24 sit at monitors in the esports room by the library. Esports are a big deal in other countries, such as South Korea. According to Dearborn, entire stadiums have been sold out just to watch people play games.

A Challenger Approaches

Morgan Ware and Jimmy Hepler January 24, 2023

Everyone loves sports! Football, basketball, volleyball, and…video games? This spring, a brand new Esports Team is coming to West, and students are pumped to join. Over fifty Falcons showed up to the...

I love teaching because I can give kids an experience on different potential careers, computer science teacher Doyle Massey said.

Humans of West: Doyle Massey

Tyler Newman, Reporter November 2, 2018

Teacher Doyle Massey has a passion for tinkering with computers and enjoys sharing his technological knowledge with students through computer science courses at West. Massey grew up in Sioux City, IA...

Seniors Jack Reis, Chase Thompson, Dusty Beehler, and Adam Gibson are working on Packet Tracer.

Students compete in cyberpatriot competition

Tyler Newman, Reporter October 31, 2018

Cyberpatriot is a competition sponsored by the Armed Forces (mainly the Air Force) for kids who want to enjoy the field of cyber security and computer science. On Nov. 2, Dec.7, Jan.11, and Feb.8 the team...

Amia Combs is a person that will always stick up for her friends and anyone and need. 
I hate when people bully sweet kids, Combs said. She tries her best to not conform to high school trends and always speaks her mind.

Breaking the stereotype

Kate Kealey, Editor in Chief October 29, 2018

She sits at the table during dinner, discouraged and angry. She is over being disrespected and feeling out of place. She goes to her mom to bring her out of this state of mind, her mom reminds her that...

“One of my biggest influences would be my high school social studies teacher Mr. Flom. He took a subject that I wasn’t interested in and that I thought was boring and actually made it fun,” Massey said.

Humans of West: Doyle Massey

Hannah Andrews, Reporter April 11, 2018

“There are so many superpowers to choose from. I would say big, but I’m already big. Or, the ability to grow white hair… no, no. I already do that too. I guess I would choose the super ability to...

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