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A True All-Star

West student makes all-state cheer
Heather Kormann
“I was more shocked when I found out that I made the team, I genuinely thought I didn’t make it,” Hicks said.

For the past 4 years, nobody has been able to do what senior Torrance Hicks accomplished. She made the All-State Cheer team, a very selective team of the best cheerleaders across Iowa. A team of 20-45 amazing cheerleaders are chosen out of hundreds of talented cheerleaders that try out. The Iowa All-State Cheerleading Squad is an ICCA/IHSAA sponsored team. Candidates are judged on their motions, jumps, dance ability, and tumbling skills. 

“I thought my tryout went pretty good, I was honestly okay with making it or not making it,” senior Torrance Hicks said.

Finding out about making a team like this is an honor. Although each coach gets a call when the cheerleader makes it, it’s up to the coaches to tell the athlete. Most teams find unique ways to share the news, including West. 

 “After dropping the cheerleaders off from all-state tryouts and before our competition team practice I received the phone call, so I stopped at the store and got her a card. We had the whole comp team sign it and surprised her at the end of practice,” coach Heather Kormann said.

This is the first time that a cheerleader on the team has experienced a teammate making the team. 

“Katie Roseman was the last time someone from Davenport West made it back in 2019,” Kormann said.

Once a cheerleader makes the team they get the honor of performing with that team. A performance showcasing the best cheerleaders in the state.

“A choreographer is hired and the team practices on four different Sundays from January to March. During the IHSAA Boys State Basketball Tournament, the team comes together and performs during half time of two of the Friday games. The final performance is televised and team members are presented with medals,” Kormann said. 

Each of these performances and practices cause many emotions. Representing West at All-State is an honor not many get to experience.

“I’m really excited to perform on TV, as that is one of the things I get to do on the team,” Hicks said.

About the Contributor
Makenna Burt
Makenna Burt, Editor-in-Chief
Makenna Burt is a senior at West High School, and is Editor In-Chief on the Beak ’n’ Eye staff. Outside of the newspaper, she is a member of the dance, cheer, and golf teams. Makenna loves to travel, and recently visited Costa Rica with the West Spanish department over the summer. She hopes to reach a wide variety of students and their interest during publications this year!