Helping the Hungry

Student Senate has loading day and delivers food to the food bank.


Makenna Burt

West High School Student Senate heads down to the River Bend Food Bank to deliver their food collections for the Student Hunger Drive and celebrate all their hard work on loading day.

Makenna Burt, Reporter

For six dedicated weeks, students in West’s Student Senate have worked tirelessly to collect food and money for the Student Hunger Drive. The Hunger Drive is a competition for students all across the Quad Cities to see who can raise the most amount of food and money for the River Bend Food Pantry. After the six weeks they will load a truck full of the boxes of food and bring them down to the Food Pantry. The Student Senate likes to call this day “unloading day”, this year it was on November 10th.  

“Unloading day is super fun to see how our community comes together to support each other,” Student Senate Advisor Ms. Gascho said. 

All the fundraising and donations from not only West High School but our feeder schools, will go back into our community to help those who need it. Anyone from the Quad Cities is able to collect food from the River Bend Food Bank.

“Student hunger drive is about giving, it’s like Christmas but with cans,” junior Sydney Westerhof said. 

With all of the hard work the student senate did and the generosity of the community, Davenport West was able to donate 13,495 pounds of food. 

“I feel like we did a lot better this year, we had more food than last year,” Westerhof said. 

With an abundance of food they had seven pallets of boxes full of food to load into the truck. They created a conga line from the loading dock into the truck loading the truck one box at a time. 

“Look at the pallet you don’t think there are that many boxes, but loading one by one, we see how many there are and that is cool to see,” sophomore Addison Aleksiejczyk said.

There weren’t enough Student Senate members for this conga line though, so one of the members asked for support from another class in the school. 

“One of the senate members asked me if my class could come help load the truck,” P.E. teacher Mr. Paulson said. 

With forty-five students helping load seven pallets of boxes, the process went very smoothly. Other than a couple boxes breaking and being repacked. 

“My wrist hurts from all the boxes but it is still fun,” sophomore Ellie Holdorf said.