Surfing through West’s Charity Week


Cameron Wilson

Student Senate takes part in Charity Week by wearing jerseys of their favorite sports teams on Wednesday, May 15. They dressed up every day of the week in an effort to raise awareness for the cause.

Cameron Wilson, reporter


Once a year West has a Charity Week run by Student Senate to provide for those in need. The $3, 415 dollars raised from this year’s event goes to West’s own Falcon’s Nest.

The Falcon’s Nest provides essential needs for more than 1,000 people and their families social studies teacher and Student Senate advisor Christine Coyne-Logan says. This year former Falcon and professional wrestler Seth Rollins donated autographed collectables to auction off at the 2019 Charity Week auction. Kiss FM radio also helped with advertising Charity Week and 392 Caffe donated 3.92 percent of their profits to the Falcon’s Nest.

“To make a greater impact, you have to spread the word to as many people as possible,” Coyne-Logan said. “We want to raise $2,500 for the Falcon’s Nest by getting West and the community involved in Charity Week.”

The week of May 13 was devoted to themes to support Charity Week including a day for class colors, tacky tourist, jersey, luau, and West colors day. Student Senate also sold t-shirts for the event. West also participated in the event by collecting donations from respective classes for the totally tubular challenge. The First place winner with the most donations was social studies teacher Steven Baldry, followed by English teachers Nic Anderson and Jane Kroening. All of the proceeds go back to benefit the Falcon’s Nest.

“Charity week is a lot more personal because the proceeds are going back to our school,” senior Addy Flynn said. “All influence on Charity Week including the auction for Seth Rollins merch, t-shirt sales, and canister donations ended Friday at 3:30 p.m.”

The silent auction consisted of three Seth Rollins merch baskets one gold basket which went for $250 dollars, one silver basket for $90 dollars, and one bronze basket for $75 dollars.

Arron Rietz won the gold basket, Sergio Torres the silver, and Thomas Hale the bronze. Each of these Falcons helped to do their part in raising money for fellow Falcons

“You get to help people out who really need it,” junior Amber Sievertsen said.