“Little Shop of Horrors” preview


Zack Misner

Audrey II has four different pods throughout the show, with pod four being depicted above. Pod 4 has to be controlled by four people. The pods were made for a Music Guild production, and have been gifted to falcon theater for their production.

Zack Misner, Co-Managing Editor

Every year the West High Falcon Theater puts on a musical, and this year they decided to put on the modern classic “Little Shop of Horrors.” “Little Shop” is about an alien plant called Audrey II, voiced by senior Robert Greve, who tricks the male lead Seymour, played by senior Ben Gabriel, into feeding him blood so that he may gain popularity to get the love of his life, Audrey, played by senior Lily Hancock.

In comparison, however, this musical is very different than past performances due to tone and musical stylings.

“Last year we had ‘Oklahoma’ and it was relatively boring because it was directed more towards the elderly audience. ‘The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’ is by Shakespeare so that means it is dramatic. The thing about ‘Little Shop’ is that it is more modern, a lot of people know it, and it is incredibly fun to both put on and watch,” language arts teacher Nic Anderson said.

“Little Shop of Horrors” is a popular musical which has gone through many different iterations. Anderson is excited to see what is about to transpire, but the cast have their own source of excitement.

“I am so excited for this show because it is so fun to learn Audrey and this show. In comparison to my role as Juliet [in ‘The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’], Audrey is much more quirky and bit of a ditz, so it is a very fun change,” Hancock said. “Audrey is going to be an extremely memorable role because of how unique she is, and I know that I am going to do a good job because I am more used to playing characters like Audrey.”

While Hancock is excited to be able to play a character she can make memorable,  Greve has his own things to be looking forward to.

“I am excited about all of the plants, and set pieces that are unique to the show. I also have big plans for the lobby and for after the show that I hope can be pulled off because it would be so cool,” Greve said.

Everyone is seemingly excited for the show, and how it is shaping out. Excitement aside, every show has their own difficulties and “Little Shop” is no different.

 “’Little Shop’ has a ton of props and moving parts, especially with the plants. So one of the major things we have been trying to get right have been the transitions which involve the moving of these props,” senior and assistant director Grace Shipley said.

 With tons of moving parts, comes plenty of excitement for the audience to enjoy.

“All I want to be accomplished with this show, is that I want to make people happy. All I care about is that, it isn’t about me, the cast, the crew, it is only about the audience,”Anderson said.