Pre-cap of show choir season

Emma Day, Marketing Director

West High School’s show choir groups, This Just In! and West Connection, have been rehearsing for their upcoming competitions in November.

Rehearsals started on July 23 with a choreography camp where the students found out the setlist for the upcoming competitions and show choir season.

“We are performing a lot of songs with the theme of something big, or something different, and being afraid of change and overcoming it. We’re excited as directors to watch our students not only perform it in these songs but overcome the changes as Mr. Andersen and I are both new to the program,” Director of Choral Activities Laura Engels stated. “So far, it’s been a great transition and the students have been amazing, so we have no doubt they will build confidence throughout the practice season and be ready to rock come competition season.”

Infographic created using by Emma Day

This year, West hired a new Director of Choral Activities, Laura Engels and Assistant Director of Choral Activities, Nicolas Andersen. With the new director, things are running differently compared to last year according to students.

“This season has been a much different experience,” senior Abby McCaughey said. “We have two new directors and they have changed the direction that our program is heading in for the better. I think the kids in the program were very ready for a change. We all are very excited about this upcoming season.”

Choosing the lineup of the songs depends on not only the talent of the students but the choreographer to see if the setlist would fit their needs.  

“We were able to meet some students through the audition process last year, and because of that, had an idea of what our talents were. So we were able to choose some awesome songs for both groups. Our choreographer, Ben Schrank, also had a lot of input,” Engels said.

Overall, all the performers and music directors are excited on what this season will bring them.

“I think it’s going to be a great season. The students have really been welcoming to some changes, and because of that, I know that they are ready to work hard and get after it,” Assistant Director of Choral Activities Nicholas Andersen stated.