Beak ‘n’ Eye Meet the Press recap


Emma Day

VIsitors at Meet the Press are talking to reporter Samantha Makl and features and design editor Michael Davis about the importance of journalism and the opportunities it can offer.

Naomi Walker, Reporter

During the Meet the Press event, the Beak ‘n’ Eye newspaper staff promote their love of news and journalism with the student body and teaching staff.

Meet the Press was held in the library Thursday, Nov. 16 during third block. Meet the Press is an event where the student body is informed about journalistic rights and the First Amendment, and where the student body is able to inform the staff about their interests.

“A lot of times we ask for feedback [from the student body] but we don’t always get it,” media editor Emma Bernick said. “But here, if we’re face-to-face, people can tell us what they want to hear more of.”

This is the second time the newspaper has hosted this event.

“It was kind of a hit last year, so that’s why we decided to do it again,” Bernick said. “And hopefully it will up our readership.”

About 1,700 copies of the Beak ‘n’ Eye newspaper are printed for each issue four times a year. Not everyone is aware of the newspaper and the work the staff does to compose each issue.

Throughout the event, candy was given out to students who participated in the activities the staff hosted. Senior Brady Richlen thought the candy was a good incentive.

“I think they should have this event again, but they should advertise it more,” Richlen said.

Administrator Adam Pagett attended the event to answer questions for the staff on behalf of adviser Alissa Hansen. Administration helps to promote newspaper by informing incoming students about the program.

“We want to get additional numbers going forward,” Pagett said.

Principal Jenni Weipert, administrator Guy Heller and AP Calculus teacher Michelle Pearce took part in a roundtable discussion of issues important to the student body including Falcon Flex and backpacks. Newspaper editors moderated the discussion while the student body participated by asking questions.

The newspaper has a website that publishes stories throughout the week. People do not need to have the hard copy to read about the news anymore.

Pagett does not have a favorite issue, but he loves to read the individual articles. An article written by junior Kelly Snawerdt, “Liberal arts in the shadows,” grabbed Pagett’s attention.

“[What grabbed Pagett’s attention was] In regards to why our district traditionally has been growing in other departments and why journalism is being left behind in that writer’s opinion,” Pagett said.

There are many benefits to learning about and joining newspaper. Distributing information to students around the school is extremely important to help the student body become better informed citizens.

“I don’t think you can ever become a good writer without actually doing it,” Pagett said. “So, for the students that want to major in journalism or even just advance for their upcoming classes, the more you write the better you’re going to get”.