Retiree: Steve Saladino


Aiden Rushing

Science teacher Steve Saladino will retire after teaching at West for 38 years.

Aiden Rushing, Reporter

Q:How long have you taught at West?

A:38 years


Q: What colleges did you attend?

A: I went to North Dakota State. I got by Bachelor of Science, and then I went to Western Illinois and I got my master’s degree.


Q: What advice do you have to give to other teachers at West?

A: Start out with strong discipline because you can always let up. Discipline is a key factor in any classroom setting in order for you to accomplish what you need to accomplish. It’s a lot of work.


Q: Do you think you have impacted the students? And if so how?

A: Well I would hope so. I want to see all of my students grow. Overall, I really enjoyed my career, and I have no regrets. Coaching and teaching were great for me.


Q: Why did you choose West?

A: I chose West because I graduated from here.


Q: What will you miss most about West?

A: The camaraderie of the faculty and the student relationships that you develop through your career in teaching and during the school year.


Q: What are your plans after you retire?

A: Hunting, fishing, maybe coaching again if the right opportunity arises, [but also] subbing, and enjoying [life].


Q:What has been your favorite about teaching?

A: Everyday is a new experience.


Q: What has been your least favorite thing about teaching here?

A: Seeing the changes over the years, and seeing the lack of respect by some of the students. I think the respect has been going downhill. I think it’s negligence in their upbringing. They weren’t taught when they were little, and it’s just like anything, if you don’t teach them when they’re young then they’re not going to know when they get older, and that’s what we’re experiencing that right now  


Q: What will you remember about your time at West?

A: It went fast. I used to be the youngest here, and now today I’m one of the oldest.


Q: How has teaching impacted you in your life?

A: It’s not always about facts. It’s not always about the information. It’s about learning and solving problems, being a good social fit for society, being a good citizen, and being respectful. You learn all those key components through athletics and academics.