Catching the fall feels


Emma Day

One of many things that people like about fall is the leaves changing.

Zack Misner, Reporter

The leaves are falling gently to the ground, the breeze is soothing, and  people are walking with their pumpkin spice lattes. In other words, Autumn is here. Even though the first official day of fall begun on Sept. 22, some of West High’s students believe it starts at different times and in different ways.               

“Fall starts probably around my birthday which is like Sept. 26,” junior Alex Lee said.

While Lee thinks his birthday symbolizes the start of Fall, freshman Luke Henrichs has a different point of view.
“Fall starts for me when I can start wearing jeans, and the weather gets a little cooler out, and the tree’s leaves start to change color,” Henrichs said.

The season of fall also comes with a slew of holidays for people to enjoy with their friends and family, but the true question is: which holiday do people love more?
“Halloween is obviously my favorite holiday. I just love seeing all the people in costume and all the decorations, and that fall smell air, that Halloween air,” junior Olivia Wilber said.

While Wilber loves Halloween, Thanksgiving is getting some more loving from the students.
“I used to love Halloween when I was younger because of candy, but now that I’m old people don’t give me candy so I’m going to say Thanksgiving because you then get a whole bunch of food, people cook for you, and you get big pies,” senior Rebecca Casad said.

Casad is not the only one daydreaming about the grand feasts though.
“I like Thanksgiving more because I get to eat a lot of food,” Lee exclaimed with excitement.
Aside from the food however some students are dreaming about the start of some different seasons…

“All of the TV shows I started watching this summer. Their next season is coming out in fall, Like Supernatural’s next season is coming out, Riverdale’s next season is coming out. Oh my gosh, what else? There’s so much more like I watch a lot of shows, American Horror Story, What else?” Casad exclaims enthusiastically.

Casad is one of many students who become entranced by the horror filled thematics of American Horror Story.

“Well I like American Horror Story and that’s always exciting to watch, I just need to finish the newer seasons,” Wilber explained.

Although despite these beautiful features of the season, there comes a few drawbacks for students.
“I don’t enjoy having to rake all of the leaves,” Heinrichs said, “but other than that, fall is pretty enjoyable.”

Yard work seems to be the biggest factor of fall’s downsides, as Wilber certainly agrees.

“I have really bad allergies during fall. I have to wear a mask when I rake leaves because I’m allergic to dust and mold so I get really bad allergies,” Wilber said with a laugh.

As the cool weather continues to drop the season’s focus shifts towards the upcoming holiday season especially for one student.

“All fall is really, is preparation time for Christmas.” Casad said.