Dressed for the part

Reviewing the last dress rehearsal before the musical


Shonda Nguyen

One big happy family. West High students perform their final dress rehearsal before their big performance. The Addams Family musical was supposed to be performed last year before it was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Luke Loving, Reporter

The show must go on! The Addams Family Musical is finally here and it’s a must watch performance. Even through all the ups and downs throughout the school year, the theatre program did not disappoint. They had eight weeks to prepare and they put all eight weeks to good use. 

While COVID may have disrupted the preparation for the musical, director Nicholas Anderson did not let that stop him from putting on a show and actually took advantage of COVID to incorporate it into the musical. He made changes to the original Broadway musical, which is what West’s musical is based off of, to make it relatable to the audience and add an extra aspect of humor to it. There are numerous references to the coronavirus, see if you can catch them all when you watch it live. 

The relatable references weren’t the only funny part about the musical. I couldn’t help but laugh during the whole musical it seemed. It was very well written with fantastic humorous qualities to keep the audience enthralled and entertained. The actors and actresses all did an amazing job and it was easy to tell they all loved performing. 

One performer who really stood out to me was sophomore Anna Dennis playing the role of Uncle Fester. She did an outstanding job embodying the role given to her and brought life to the stage for the Addams family although they’re known for their bleakness and passion for death.

Don’t let Dennis’ performance take away from everyone else. Every single performer did an amazing job playing their role. The singing was incredible and the choreography was spectacular. Every single aspect of the musical was perfect.

It is easy to tell the theatre program went all out for their only performance of the year. The props were excellent and the costumes were superb. It was like I was watching the original Broadway musical without having to leave my own high school.

Don’t just take my word for it, go watch it for yourself! It is being performed on May 21 and May 22 at 7 p.m. Pre-Sale tickets were five dollars for students, staff, seniors, and military personnel and ten dollars for everyone else. If you didn’t buy a ticket beforehand, don’t sweat it. Tickets are being sold at the door for only $10 for students, staff, seniors, and military personnel and $15 for everyone else.The audience is limited to 360 guests so buy your ticket quickly before they’re gone. Go support your fellow Falcons and enjoy the show!