A unique senior year

Senior Spotlight:Kennedy Wink


Isabella Martens

Kennedy Wink smiling on a game day! She has stayed positive and working hard throughout the year even with obstacles in her way. “I’m proud of the relationships I have established through the years and how I have such a good support group and such good friends,” Wink said.

Isabella Martens, Reporter

With many struggles happening right in the middle of her senior year, Kennedy Wink still persists. Wink’s senior year has been very different than she expected. She still continues to be a source of motivation for her friends and coach. One thing she has got to continue doing this year is dancing with her teammates. Wink has used dancing as a way to stay grounded and positive during this tough time.

Wink has been showing up to practice every week, working through online school, and remained a positive light to those around her. After getting through her busy schedule she still likes to have fun during her free time.

“In my free time I like to watch movies, go to the gym, watch Tik Toks, and definitely play with my dog,” Wink said.

One struggle for her this year was not being able to go to state with her dance team. Her last state with her team had to be spent at West instead of traveling to Des Moines.

“I think my family and friends really made me feel better about it and the dance team/coaches really made it the best year they could for me,” senior Wink said.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning since her freshman year, Wink has shown up to the gym to practices with her team. Samantha Zust has been coaching Wink for all four years.

“She has definitely grown over her four years on dance team. Both in terms of dance technique and leadership/confidence,” Zust said.

Even though she will miss her time in high school, Wink has been making plans for her future.

“I plan on attending the University of Iowa and majoring in biochemistry,” Wink said.

She has made lots of friends during her time at West, but she also stays in touch with her old ones.

“Kennedy and I have been friends since preschool. My favorite thing about her is how caring she is,” senior Sydnee Soenke said.

The class of 2021 has had an unforgettable senior year and has missed out on a lot. Wink has found light in the situation and is ready for what’s ahead.

“A struggle this year was definitely Covid, because everything was so different it was really hard to adjust and accept that I had some of my lasts and didn’t even know it. I think having my friends and family there for me made it better. I am okay with this being my last year,” Wink said.