GALA goals


Photo from by Allef Vinicius

A couple enjoys last slow dance of the night.

Zack Misner, Reporter

As we march into the new year we will welcome a new slew of senior candidates who wish to claim the esteemed title of GALA king.The candidates were voted by their peers during a senior meeting, and the top 12 voted are:

Trevor Burkhardt

Gage Coghill

Brett Erwin

Bailey Garnica

Kevin Masterson

Xavier McClure

Noah McCreary

Riley McIntyre

DJ(Darnell) Mosley

Chris Tan

Tyler Williams

Andrew Wright

The above candidates will have the honor of being escorted by ladies of the senior class who have the highest GPA in their grade level. The escorts are:

Emma Bedeian

Allison Cheatheam

Connie Chu

Pamela Friede

Beatriz Garnica

Hannah Jones

Kersten Kahley

Cassidy Kolwey

Molly Kretschmer

Abby Ratermann

Courtney Shaffer

Alyssa Vick