Humans of West-Principal Jenni Weipert

Dani Reitz, Opinion Editor

Even though it may only be her third year at West, Principal Jenni Weipert has met and exceeded the expectations. However, there is more to Principal Weipert than what meets the eye.

Being the head administrator at West High School is not an easy job. The hardest part about the job is time management Weipert said.

“There are so many places I want to be, so many issues to address, so many students and teachers I want to help and it really is difficult. That is the hardest part, trying to do as much as you can everyday,” Weipert said.

Life can seem less difficult when surrounded by supportive people. Weipert’s husband helps to motivate and encourage her.

“He really truly believes that I can do whatever I set out to do and that gives you strength,” Weipert said.

But the support does not stop at her husband. Weipert’s children are also cherished to her. Her family is the aspect of life she is most proud of.

Weipert attended West High for a portion of her high school career as have most of her and her husband’s family.

Weipert did not plan on being an administrator, let alone working in a school. After graduating from high school she worked in the financial industry and traveled as far as Germany for her job. But as fate would have it, she eventually moved back to Iowa and was presented with the opportunity to become a teacher, which she graciously accepted.

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made,” Weipert said.

After getting in the routine of teaching, Weipert began to climb her way up the hypothetical work ladder. She eventually became the principal of Walcott before transferring to West.

Junior Kassie Remley has had Weipert as a principal at Walcott and now at West.

“She enforces the rules and motivates all the kids. She is very kind and easy to talk to,” Remley said .

Secretary Lisa Rostenbach has worked with Weipert for the last three years.

¨What makes her a good principal is that she tries to include everybody and makes the right decisions for the entire student body and staff,¨ Rostenbach said.

Being a woman in such a respectable position is not always easy. It is more rare to see a woman in an administrative position than a man, but Weipert remains unaffected by this fact.

“It’s perception sometimes because on occasion parents come in and expect to see a man, but it’s easy to overcome, by being direct, honest and doing the right things,” Weipert said.

Education has evidently been a very imperative part of Weipert’s life and she makes sure that every student is fully aware of its importance.

“Your opportunities are limited if you don’t finish high school. Bottom line. This is about you and your future. You have got to believe in yourself. You can’t give up. Keep one foot in front of the other and never stop moving forward,” Weipert said.