Welcome to Words from West

Zack Misner, Reporter

William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, John Steinbeck, Cassandra Clare and J.K. Rowling all have one thing in common. They are authors who have written captivating stories. Their tales range from the forbidden love of Romeo and Juliet to the hard times of Lenny and George; and one cannot forget the wicked wizards of Hogwarts and tales of demon slaying shadowhunters.

They all started somewhere and that is what Words From West is designed for. The Beak ‘n’ Eye has created a way for students (and faculty members) to jump-start their own writing career by showcasing their creative writing in a student-run anthology.

Words From West is something that the Beak ‘n’ Eye has done before, but it has since received a makeover. Instead of being in the newspaper, this collection of writing and photography is getting space in a pdf-formatted document that will be able to be downloaded exclusively from the Beak ‘n’ Eye’s website https://whstoday.com/.

These new changes demonstrate the true literary capability of West High’s hidden writers and presents their work to the public in a creative and design-friendly way. Words from West is a chance to get an original work published while gaining recognition.

Students and staff are encouraged to submit their fiction and nonfiction short stories, novels excerpts, plays, short essays and poems.

Beak ‘n’ Eye staff will visit classes the week of Sept. 18 to spread the word about the first issue of Words From West for the 2017-18 school year. More information about the submission process and deadlines will be discussed.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, the Beak ‘n’ Eye staff can be contacted in Room 202 during fourth block or via email at [email protected].