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World language teacher Kris Castelluccios Spanish 2 class of 37 fills the hallway after a presentation. Her class was leaving the classroom at the end of the Friday afternoon class and filled up a portion of the language hallway from one side to the other.

World language classes: bulging at the seam

Katie Giebelstein, Reporter November 25, 2019

The world language department is short handed this semester as a result of a teacher retiring and the district not hiring someone to fill the gap, leaving only five full time teachers to handle 406 students,...

Tammy Burton is a the world language department head at West, more specifically teaching the advanced levels of Spanish, such as dual credit. She believes that reaching higher levels of language learning increases student motivation immensely. I have found that the students are much more motivated for doing the work and asking grammar questions and really getting in depth into the language, Burton said.

Falcons and foreign language

Laurence Walker and Thomas Yates April 3, 2019

Hola! Hallo! Bonjour! Davenport West offers three language programs and a classical languages course. Ask any foreign language teacher or student, and they’d say that language is an important part of...

When I do anything, I think of how I feel in some of those situations, like what would I want my teacher to do. So I just teach based on how I want to be taught.”

Humans of West: Stephanie Hansen

Martin Morales, Reporter April 23, 2018

Stephanie Hansen is a favorite among her students. Her secret?   “Just care about people. I have this freakish empathy... I put myself in people’s shoes and how I would feel if I was in their shoes......

“Be kind and work hard. That is what I always told Jacob, Ben, and Max [sons] and my students. You have two priorities in life: one, be kind, especially to people you love like your mom, dad, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend. Also, really work hard in school because you can’t come back. What the world needs now is love, sweet love, that is the only thing there is just too little of.”
-Spanish teacher Barbara Lipnick

Women of West: Barbara Lipnick

Naomi Walker, Reporter March 8, 2018

“I lived in France, Spain, Mexico, New York City, and I’ve been to Rome, but I think really when I’m happiest is when I’m walking on the Mississippi River. There is a bike trail right by my house...

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