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Boy’s Basketball works to prepare for season
Leaha Anderson
“I am most excited to just get back on the court,” Thomas said.

With the ending of fall sports, comes the winter sport pre-season. Boys basketball is one of those sports that puts in an abundance of time preparing for their season. With this, the team has new players and adjustments in which to prepare.  

“We are doing the same things we have been doing, though we have people taking on new roles this year than previous years,” boys basketball coach David Robinson said.

With taking on new roles the team might play differently as past years. Making adjustments to strategies is one of the ways to counteract that.

“We are planning our defense differently and making rebounding important,” Robinson said. 

Although working on defense is important, improving on offense is also important. Preparing as a team is only half the work, each individual athlete has to work to grow, as well.

“We have been doing open gyms and weightlifting to prepare ourselves for the start of the season,” senior Idris Thomas said. 

Although improving your game on the court is important. Improving as a team is also important, on and off the court. This creates a special bond causing comradery on the court. 

“For us to improve as a team I think bonding is important, like going to get food and hanging out after practice,” junior Keylin Lacourse said. 

Every year teams go through this with students that graduate, transfer, or other circumstances. While working as a team on and off the court is important as players, coaches adjusting to each team and their players is key for a successful team. 

“The coaching staff is excited for the challenge of this season,” Robinson said.

About the Contributor
Makenna Burt
Makenna Burt, Editor-in-Chief
Makenna Burt is a senior at West High School, and is Editor In-Chief on the Beak ’n’ Eye staff. Outside of the newspaper, she is a member of the dance, cheer, and golf teams. Makenna loves to travel, and recently visited Costa Rica with the West Spanish department over the summer. She hopes to reach a wide variety of students and their interest during publications this year!