Dance team dismantles gender stereotypes


Photo used with permission from Kami Seago

Freshmen Nasir and Nasiah Kolwey dance at the halftime show at the basketball game on Jan. 4th.

Tori Dierikx, Reporter

Those who attended the Jan. 4 basketball game may have been expecting a fun 15 minutes between the second and third quarter due to the annual dance to be put on by the dance team. This time, however, there was a major change that would surprise the audience. Instead of the typical all female team, freshmen Nasir and Nasaih Kolwey made their debut in the hip-hop routine.

Nasir and Nasaih were asked to perform at the halftime dance a week prior after having danced in the partner dance at Christmas time.

“Both Nasir and Nasaih were asked to dance by two girls on our team [for the Christmas dance] and they’re really good. We have a hip hop dance every single year, and we decided we should ask them if they want to dance with us,” senior Leah Anderson said.

After being asked to dance at halftime, Nasir and Nasaih were given the week of winter break to learn the dance for the halftime show.

“The dance team asked if we could learn it over break and of course we said yes because it would be pretty fun. It was practice, practice, practice, after that,” Nasir said.

Both Nasir and Nasaih had a stressful winter break ahead of them to prepare for the dance.

“My least favorite part was how fast it came up. I had a lot of stress thinking I wasn’t going to learn [the dance] in time,” Nasaih said.

Despite having minimal time, the boys were a focal point of the dance.

“We didn’t have that much time and because we were in the front it was important that we had it down,” Nasir said.

Though the boys may have been rushed to perform a solid performance, both the team and Nasir and Nasaih knew they would be right for the part.

“I think we made the dance unique, being the only boys people have seen,” Nasir added.

Nasir and Nasaih typically keep their dance performances at home as opposed to a gym floor with a huge crowd in front of them.

“We are very quick learners and we are talented,” Nasaih said.

The duo were immediately in high regards to the dance team because of their talent and charm.

“They’re super fun and picked up on the choreography really fast,” senior Mia Nelson said.

The boys got nothing but support from the dance team and the crowd when they performed.

“The dance team is welcoming of everyone who can dance regardless of gender,” Anderson said.