Student versus staff basketball game


Tatiana Stepanek

Referee Duquette discusses the rules with the student team

Kelly Snawerdt, Editor

On Thursday, May 11, West had one of its very famous student vs. staff basketball games as a finishing to this school year.

The student team consisted of Brett Erwin, Trey O’large, Max Bigalk, Cannon Allen, Dylan Hansen, Garvin Paper, Rachel Stewart, Olivia Humphrey, Travis White, Abby Malone and coach Jacob Kroeger.

The teacher team held players Jared Perez, Ricky Terrell, Chris Schlichting, Griffin Paulson, Nicky Haas, Brandon Yoder, Diana Perez, Joe Whittemore and coach Strunk.

Many students, of course, expected the student team to win.

“I want a student win because I’m a fellow student with pride,” sophomore Madysen Wiebel said.

Wiebel was evidently excited as the students scored the winning basket.

Some teachers even had the jitters before having to go up against the students.

“I’m really nervous because I’m I’m not good at basketball, we will probably lose. This is my third year playing in the student vs staff game, I enjoy it alot,” science teacher Brandon Yoder said.

In fact, the teachers had a supportive group of fellow teachers who were the designated cheerleaders at the game.

“I’m doing cartwheels for sure, it always hypes the team up. We’ve also learned dances that I’m ready to perform,” English teacher Natalie McDermott said.

“We’re here to bring the spirit up!” guidance counseler Stephanie Iavarone said.

At halftime, the score was students: 18 and staff: 30. At this point the student team’s coach, Kroeger, broke his third clipboard in frustration. Math teacher Jared Perez said he was really exhausted already, and Yoder proclaimed that he was satisfied with the score.

Senate members also seemed to be happy with the way the basketball game went.

“[The game is] a little chaotic, but this is an awesome turnout for charity week,” junior Bree McMahon said.

“It was a fabulous event with a great turnout,” junior Hannah Jones said.

By the end of the game, the score was students with a winning score of 54 and teachers with a score 52.

“I thought this game was for a great cause, but I was actually hoping for the teachers to win, so I’m a bit disappointed,” sophomore Amanda Thach said.

“I’m so happy the students took the win, because I’m also a student and obviously I’m going to root for them,” freshman Kelley Wohlers said.

The game was a great way to raise money for charity and many people enjoyed watching the students and teachers go head to head.

Tatiana StepanekTatiana Stepanek