The keys to living a happy and healthy life


Photo published with permission from senior Skylar Hintze

This photo by senior Skylar Hintze that depicts the aspects to lead a happy and healthy life such as being a role model, communicating, having faith, friends, family, humbleness, forgiveness, passion, balance, confidence, and compassion. “Everyone has different keys to life for themselves. One person may feel families are the most important aspect, while someone else may feel communication is important to them,” Hintze said.

Tyler Newman, Reporter

Life is the most wonderful joy in the world. Even with all the negativity in the world, people should try to lead a enjoyable life. Having faith, forgiveness, and compassion are some ways people can make a change for themselves.

Research shows that if people are more happy, it can even lead to better relationships, especially with friends.

If a person is more happy, the chance that friends of that person are 15 percent more likely to be happy as well. And the friend of that friend, the likelihood that he/she is happy is ten percent higher. And the friend of a friend of a friend has a six percent higher chance of being happy,” reports Envision Kindness, a group with a goal of spreading kindness through the world, in “The Wisdom of Traffic Jams.”

One key to obtain a happy and healthy life is to communicate with people as well as allowing oneself to lead a happy, healthy life.

“One thing that I always say is that my goal for students is that they’re safe, happy, and healthy,” social worker Jenn O’Hare said. “Being able to communicate and ask for help is essential and just being a hard worker.”

There are multiple aspects of a person’s life that contribute to his/her wellbeing such as making friends, having happy, healthy goal setting, and approaching people in a gracious way.

“It’s mostly having a good set of goals, [and] being willing to learn, and being open-minded so that you are always wanting to learn. If you’re kind to someone, they are more likely to be kind to you,” English teacher Pat Sheehey said.

Life provides us with lots of ways we choose to live our busy lives. I believe that to keep a clean mental state, people should keep a balance between the things they love and cherish.

“Some of the things to be happier and healthier in life is a balance between work all day, family, friends, and yourself. The older you get, the more experiences you’re going to have and the more learning you will have from doing those things,” math teacher Laura Weaver said.

It’s important to keep your mental state of mind positive and joyful. More people will appreciate you when you are not negative or stressed, and are more than likely to help you get through it.

“Keeping myself organized is a really big part of my life because I’m such a busy person. When you are happy with other people, you tend to brighten their day as well, and it’s a domino effect,” senior Lily Hancock said.

A contributing factor that is involved with leading a happy, healthy life is finding and pursuing passions.

“I believe that the keys to a happy, healthy life are family, friends, learning, and involvement,” senior Skylar Hintze said. “I find my happiness in loving and helping others.”