Album Review: Reputation by Taylor Swift


Haley Newcomb

The cover of the album “Reputation,” the latest album from Taylor Swift.

Haley Newcomb, Assistant Media Editor

Popstar icon Taylor Swift released her sixth album with Big Machine Records titled “Reputation” on Nov. 10.

“Reputation” is available at Target for $14.99, and sold 700,000 copies in the U.S. on the first day. 1.05 million copies have been sold to date, and has already been claimed as 2017’s top-selling album by “Forbes” Magazine.

Swift says the 15 tracks featured in “Reputation” represents “what she has learned about people”.  Swift points out that everyone has more to them than the side they allow you to see, but there is so much to them that lies below the surface.

Most of the tracks are featured only on the album, but has four of the singles released which are: “Look What You Made Me Do”, “Ready for It..?”, “Gorgeous” and “Call It What You Want”.

The first thing any person will notice when listening to this album the first time is just how different of a style it is compared to any of her previous music.

“Reputation” basically calls out the media by saying that the way she is viewed publicly is the way the media portrays her and not the way she truly is.

The tracks that stuck out the most to me were “Getaway Car”, “Ready For It..?”, “Call It What You Want” and “Look What You Made Me Do”.

“Getaway Car” is very different from the rest of the album with the way it sounds because it starts staticky and then gets louder and clearer throughout. The song also hooks you from the beginning by Swift saying, “Nothing good ever starts in a getaway car.”

“Ready for It” features a bass drop before the lines “knew he was a killer, first time that I saw him” that will leave you with chills. This line makes me believe that there is a story tying this track to “Getaway Car” because one of her lines says if “he is a thief, then he can join the heist-” and “Getaway Car” is about her turning on him so she gets away and he goes to jail.

“Call It What You Want” is a great song because of its lyrics and the way it focuses on the one good person who truly knows her and not all the negative ones trying to give her a bad reputation.

“Look What You Made Me Do” out of all the tracks is by far my favorite because of the music video that was released when the song originally came out as a single. Swift portrays the way the media has presented her as, and mocked them for it.

This song made me realize that famous artists have problems of their own and made me feel closer to Swift because of the reality shown in the music video.

I did not like the songs “Delicate” and “So It Goes” that much because they were slower paced and there was not many memorable or meaningful lyrics in either.

Overall, I would give “Reputation” a five out of five rating because it was really unique and a lot of fun listening to.

I am not a huge Taylor Swift but I was happily surprised with most of the tracks. I think this album was a lot better than her other music and think even Swift’s super fans will be surprised, but will be happy and waiting for more. If you like music to dance and be sassy to, then this pop album is for you.

Fans wanting to see “Reputation” performed live won’t have to wait for long because Swift will be hosting the U.S. tour starting in 2018.