Hustle to Homecoming

Student Senate rushes to plan Homecoming


Isabella Martens

Students show their tickets to get let into the dance. Student Senate had to come early to set up and stay late to clean up after.

Isabella Martens, Editor-in-Chief

Crowns, streamers, and tickets, that’s all Student Senate has been able to think about since July. They were on a tight schedule with Homecoming being in the third week of school. Student Senate is a class of around 27 students who plan important events for the student body. One of the most important and complex events being Homecoming. 

Considering how much goes into Homecoming Week, Senate has a lot of ground to cover in very little time. Without their system they would have no way of staying organized and productive. They split into committees to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

¨It’s been really hard to plan Homecoming so fast. I feel like we have just been dividing and conquering because there’s not much else we really can do,” sophomore Arrianna Plies said.

There are more new members than returners in Senate this year. They have to learn twice as fast as they normally would because of how soon Homecoming was. In addition to them learning quickly, the returners have to teach quickly.

¨I’m struggling with teaching the new members how to communicate with staff members. They just have to follow the lead and learn as they go,” sophomore Addi Aleksiejczyk said.

Most people don’t know how much goes into planning Homecoming. Without Student Senate there would be no Homecoming Week or dance. They are also in charge of planning the Hunger Drive.

¨For Homecoming we are in charge of all the details regarding the dance, we are in charge of all things Homecoming Court, and we come up with the spirit days. We have to get the court to the parade, and we are in charge of getting the jeeps they ride in. We also sell Homecoming tickets, we make the Homecoming t-shirts, and we sell the shirts,” Senate leader Ms. Gascho said.

Student Senate has to represent West in a positive manner at all times. They are looked at as leaders in the building not only by staff, but also students. 

¨Senate can become a lot because you get access to things that other students don’t and you talk to lots of important people during the day. You learn to be very formal with them,¨ senior Karlee Krenz said.

Even though things can get a little stressful, there are many benefits to joining Student Senate. The students in the class find that it can be fun and exciting at times. 

¨Student Senate is beneficial because you gain a lot of respect from students and staff in the building. It also looks good on your transcript,¨ Krenz said.

There are also leadership opportunities in Student Senate. There’s a president, treasurer, and a vice president role. Having a leadership role can better your communication and improve your initiative. 

¨Homecoming can get very chaotic. Especially with being the president of Student Senate, everybody comes to me to check over everything,¨ Krenz said.

Joining Senate puts you one step in front of the rest of the students. You are trusted with information before everyone else, you are trusted to communicate with busy adults in the building, and you get to meet a lot of new people during the day. 

¨Other people should join Senate because it’s exciting to get to plan events and know everything before the rest of the school,¨ junior Sydney Westerhof said.