Trolls on strolls

Student senate begins new game


Isabella Martens

Student senator Savannah Haskins ’23 points to one of the custom signs placed around the halls of West. Student Senate plans to promote Troll on a Stroll as long as students and staff are having a good time with it.

Isabella Martens, Writer

Every corner I turn in the hallway I see one.  The colorful, fuzzy hair.  Their big brown eyes looking down from on top of a locker or in a window.  The students of West are on a hunt for these toy trolls all over the school.  Student senate hid a golden troll somewhere and the first person to find it gets a prize.  

When the golden troll is found, all students have to do is post a photo to Instagram and tag student senate.  The winner will get candy and West gear. After a student finds the troll, senate will hide it again somewhere else.

“We know this year has been so different than those in the past, and we wanted to bring something joyful for the school,” math teacher Ms. Gascho said.

Student senate has had to persevere a lot this year with all the changes. Being online made communication a lot harder and canceled some of the school’s events.

“It’s kinda hard because we’re half online and also figuring out things for the kids that are all online. During our online days I think that we just make sure to do social media posts,” junior Abbey Smith said.

Student senate helps our school by coordinating and promoting school events. They meet during fourth block to talk and plan. They have had to put some of their plans on hold this year.

“We came up with the troll idea at the beginning of the first term, but we never got to do it because of everyone switching to all online,” sophomore Savannah Haskins said. 

 Every teacher in the school has been delivered one toy troll to hide in their classroom. Every day they move the troll and see if their students notice. The teachers decide if they want to give out prizes for students finding the trolls in their classrooms. There are also trolls and streamers in the hallways just for decorations. They have actually been waiting to incorporate the trolls into an activity for a while.

“We have had a bucket of trolls since like the 90s that have been stored in the student senate closet. The people who have been in the student senate for years have always wanted to do something with it and here we are,” Gascho said.

They finished setting everything up on Friday, so the hunt for the golden troll began right when school started on Tuesday, January 19th. The more students find the troll, the more creative they will have to get with hiding spots.

The ever-so-sought after Golden Troll is hidden somewhere in the West High building.

“We haven’t decided yet how long we will be doing the troll hunt, but if students and teachers enjoy it then we will keep doing it until we come up with a new idea,” sophomore Kiersten Stein said.

Student senate has been very different this year, and they are limited on things they can do. There was no homecoming, no spirit week and no hunger drive. They still pushed through and started this term off with a fun activity for everyone.

“We always make it work and think of ways to do fun things for our school and to get kids more excited about being at school,” Stein said.