Painting fundraiser saves outdoor classroom


Kate Kealey

Everyone at the fundraiser painted images of a snowfall on three trees, chosen by the ecology club.

Kate Kealey, Editor in Chief

On Nov. 16 West’s Ecology Club hosted a fundraiser in the cafeteria at 5:30. The money went towards fixing the outdoor classroom.

After a rainy summer, the stumps for people to sit on in the classroom became worn and the group knew it was time to start fundraising. Ecology Club advisor Jodi Zimmerman was overall impressed with the turn out.

“We made about 600 dollars. Last year we only made a couple hundred,” Zimmerman said. “It helped that our artists didn’t accept any payment. He [Tony Ryder] wanted to make sure it all went to the school.”

Ryder is an art teacher at Adams Elementary and went through painting the image step by step.

Junior Madi Dohrmud believes this is one of the reasons she enjoyed the experience.

“I was really nervous to go because I’m not really artistic, but Mr. Ryder was super nice and went super slow and everyone’s paintings turned out great,” Dorhmud said.

Junior Kylie Howell is a member of Ecology Club and said she enjoyed it and would gladly go again.

“I found it really relaxing and I really like painting, even though I am terrible at it to support the club,” Howell said.

After a great turn out, the money will be put towards the classroom and Zimmerman hopes all teachers take advantage of it.

“Sometimes humidity is really bad and I get that, but I hope it is used for discussions, writing, art, science, looking at all the different plants we have and of course just being out,” Zimmerman said. “It is a new venue for people to see and that’s very relaxing.”