Chromebook turn-in


Aiden Rushing

Chromebook supplies (charger, bag, Chromebook, and strap for bag) needs to be turned in by June 4. Chromebooks will be turned into fourth block teachers.

Aiden Rushing, Reporter

Chromebook turn-in is right around the corner. Seniors will need to have everything turned in by May 30. The Chromebook turn-in date for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors is June 4 after finals.

All Chromebooks will be turned off June 6.

Chromebooks ($200), the tote bag with the shoulder strap($10.75), and the charger($18) must be turned in by the turn in dates, or students and staff could be charged.

Head librarian Jen Kizer manages the Chromebook turn in process.

“People usually lose their chargers most, or sometimes their shoulder straps,” Kizer said. “The most common thing that we see broken on Chromebooks are screens. They crack very easily and sometimes the bags get beat up pretty badly, but that’s just from lugging it around.”

Sophomore Tony Wickham has had his Chromebook damaged. Wickman returned it to the library for a replacement, which is provided.

“I opened up my Chromebook and set it on the table the wrong way and then the back hinge broke off and the keyboard started to come apart,” Wickham said.

Some students are not worried at all about losing, damaging, or having to pay for their Chromebooks. 

“I just let it [Chromebook] sit in my locker. I’m not going to break it because none of my classes require it,” sophomore Kyle Riepe said.

Some students have trouble keeping them in good shape. Kizer has some advice for all students that might have trouble keeping their Chromebooks, and Chromebook supplies in good condition.

“The best advice to keep your Chromebooks in shape is to keep them in your bag and not stuff supplies in the bag,” Kizer said. “Sometimes they break so easily, but it is because students have notebooks and other stuff slammed into it and they just crack.”