West hosts third blood drive of the school year

Junior Dani Reitz does her homework while donating blood.

Naomi Walker, Reporter

On Thursday Feb. 8, West’s third blood drive of the school year was held in the YMCA gym from 8:00 a.m. to 11:40 a.m.. Staff from the Mississippi Valley Blood Center collected blood to distribute to hospitals throughout the Quad Cities.

“It makes me feel very good that I am doing something for the good of other people,” junior Miranda Schwien said.

The Mississippi Valley Blood Center travels to high schools, churches, businesses, and any other place willing to have them, to help people donate blood.

“There are people out there that need this blood and if they do not get this blood, they do not have a life,” phlebotomist Jeralee Tompkins said. “I am very grateful to be able to provide people with the lifesaving drug they need.”

Donor relations coordinator Amy Kent ensures that there is enough staff and equipment to run smoothly. She organizes the blood drives held at Rocky, Assumption, Muscatine, Sherrard, Davenport West, North and Central.

“In the summer we have a tremendous dip in blood collections because the high schoolers are not in school,” Kent said.

During the summer of 2018, the Mississippi Valley Blood Center will be holding a high school donating challenge at Northpark Mall. Whichever school can get the most students to donate between Davenport West, North, and Central, Bettendorf, Assumption, and North Scott, will win a $250 grant for the hunger drive.

“My daughter passed away when she was younger and she received tons of blood products,” Kent said. “To know how many people this is impacting is an incredible feeling. My job never gets boring.”