All-State Choir

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Emma Day, Social Media Manager

Schools throughout Iowa came to audition to show their musical abilities at the All-State Choir tryouts in Washington, Iowa last month . The Iowa High School Music Association created the All-State Choir Festival.  Students across Iowa show their talent in front of judges to try to make it into the festival where their talents are revealed to a larger audience.

This year’s tryouts resulted in some students being a part of the All-State Choir Festival, which takes place Nov. 16-18 in Washington, Iowa. Many students from West took part in this.Three students got called back and one from West High School made it to the festival.

Out of all of the students throughout Iowa that attend the festival try-outs,600 students are accepted total, with 150 students from each vocal ranges.

“It would be a waste of a voice if you didn’t try out,” choir teacher Colleen Schloemer told All-State Music Festival finalist Brady Pratt.

When auditioning, students auditioned in groups.

“I auditioned with Molly Kretchmer, Rolando Gonzalez and Lily Hancock,” callback and senior Xavier McClure said.  

When the students first auditioned, it was done in a group of no more than four to perform a song in  capella. Each group performs in the morning and finds out which ones made it, which ones did not, and which ones get called back for a second chance. Waiting for the results only took a couple of hours after everyone had auditioned.

Out of the West students that auditioned, junior Brady Pratt, senior Xavier McClure and sophomore Jacob Hein got called back.

For the callbacks, singers had to decide which song to perform from a choice of three that were provided. This was different from the first auditions. This time instead of performing with a group, participants performed solo.

“You know how you feel when you’re going on a roller coaster and your stomach drops? It was that exact feeling but for the whole entire time,” Pratt said.

Pratt was the only finalist from West that made it, representing West’s choir program.

The students from West that audition for All-State sometimes do not make it, but do excel when it comes to college and are accepted into higher classes. Regardless of the outcome, many students came together to congratulate Pratt for positively representing their school.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is the many kids that graduate from this choir program go on and do good things at the next level in college,” choir director Tyler Finley said.